Silk Dupioni Tunic

Silk Dupioni Top

Silk Dupioni Top

The Stash contains some beautiful fabrics – including yards and yards (and yards) of silk dupioni.  I went through a “Silk? Gotta have it!” period.

One piece of dupioni was just over a yard of an almost iridescent lightweight silver/teal weave.

The Stash also contained a sheer woven damask with the same muted teal and some gold.

A “top of some style” was needed to wear to a Bridal Shower.  By combining the two fabrics and two Vogue Patterns (5891 and 9062) a new favorite top was sewn.

Vogue 9062 - Bra Cup sized tunic pattern

Vogue 9062 – Bra Cup sized tunic pattern

Love! Love! LOVE! Patterns that are bra cup sized!  Such an improved fit!  Vogue 9062 is one such pattern.

Dupioni Top

Dupioni Tunic – it fits!

It is just a simple tunic pattern, but fits so much better than a tunic pattern that requires  modification.

The length and shape were cut from the 9062 pattern.

The collar and front closure were taken from Butterick 5891, a Tilton Top that I have used and used and used.

Damask Collar

Damask Collar

The inner collar, armhole and front facings were cut from the sheer damask.

The inner collar is attached by topstitching “in the ditch” of the outer collar binding and again along the lower edge of the inner collar.

Collar Topstitching

Collar Topstitching

The selected buttons were recycled from an old jacket.  They were the perfect color and size

SIde View

Side View!

Silk dupioni is luxurious, but requires care when sewing.  Microtex machine needles were perfect for the fine weave of the fabric.

To prevent fraying, all seams were serged or french seamed – or both!










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Fit and Fabulous T-shirt Remake

Original Old Navy Men’s T-shirt

It started as an Old Navy men’s XXL T-shirt.  The Cerulean Blue color caught my eye – and the $6 price tag sealed the deal.

Fit and Fabulous T-shirt Remake

Fit and Fabulous T-shirt Remake

McCall’s 6747 was used for the Fit and Fabulous T-shirt.  After cutting apart the XXL tee, there was more than enough fabric to add 1″ to the length of the t-shirt version (View A).

McCalls 6747

The McCalls pattern has some shaping in its center back and side seams.  To ensure a comfortable fit, bust darts were also added.

Scrap Cottons and Stash Buttons

Scrap Cottons and Stash Buttons

The placket and neckline were sewn with scrap woven cottons from The Stash.

As knits can be difficult to tame, I choose to exert my independence from pattern instructions and stitch the placket bands to the front prior to cutting the opening.

Shaped Back Seam - with matched stripes!

Shaped Back Seam – with matched stripes!

Unfortunately, the same trick could not be used on the neckline – and it S T R E T C  H   E    D ……

But it was nothing stay stitching (slightly gathered) could not handle.

Love the colors – and the comfort!

Note about deconstructing ready-made garments:  It is always surprising how “off center” and “off grain” the garment pieces will be.  This is especially evident when working with striped fabric.  Because of this, it is best to select the ready-made item several sizes larger than the intended finished garment.






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Valentine’s Top – Just one Shade of Grey

Valentine's Top and Grey Sweater

Valentine’s Top and Grey Sweater

Grey and Black have been the colors this winter.  Grey sweaters, black leggings, grey coat…  All very comfortable, but lacking in color.

By Valentine’s Day, this monochromatic issue requires attention.

So, the search was on for a colorful fabric that had some grey and black in it – to match all the cool weather comfort clothes, but also brighten them up!

With all the stores still looking like a black and white photo, this intensely hued fabric was easy to find!

SBCC Gibson Blouse

The pattern used was SBCC Gibson Blouse.  The width of the “skirt” seemed a bit excessive in the photo – almost peblum-esque.  After measurements were compared to other longer blouses, the skirt width was reduced by 4″.

Back View

Back View – such Happy Fabric!

After pre-washing, the 100% rayon fabric emerged from the dryer surprisingly soft and wrinkle-free.

The front band and back neck were lined with a plain white polyester lining fabric.  This avoided “Print Shadows” which would have shown through if the bright print self-fabric had been used for the facings.

When working with rayon, I tend to apply the fusible interfacing to the lining.  It can sometimes “crinkle” when being adhered to rayon.  The buttons were simple red buttons from The Stash.

Beautiful colors!

Beautiful colors!

The colors of the fabric are bright pinks and reds, but also include a brilliant violet, small sections of black, and the requisite grey.

This SBCC Gibson blouse pattern is built for comfort.  It flows away from the body – not snug or clingy at all.

The buttonholes were made (Singer attachment variety) but not cut as the blouse slips easily over the head! Being sleeveless it will be wearable all summer long!

If The Stash provides another lightweight fabric, it will be sewn into this pattern for another of these comfortable tops.




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Stash Couture version of the Anthropologie Lata Tee

Anthrolpologie Lata Tee

Love the embellishments on these Anthropologie Lata Tee’s.

Anthropologie T-shirt

Stash Couture Version

Lace and calico bias binding?  The Stash has those!

I thought it possible to replicate these with just a few modifications to a long sleeved t-shirt.

The Stash has lace, calico and buttons!

A quick trip to Old Navy found a long-sleeved long-tailed striped T-shirt on clearance for $6.

Sleeve and Neckline Embellishments

Sleeve and Neckline Embellishments

The Stash had several options for lace.  One motif approximately the right length was white – so it went into the coffee pot to be darkened.

The V-neck was cut and a double layer of blue and calico binding sewn around the neck. A few small buttons from The Stash and The Stash Couture version of the Lata Tee was complete!




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Cosmetics and Jewelry Case

Stars and Moons

Stars and Moons

My daughter actually ASKED me to make her something!

She needed a cosmetic and jewelry case that would work for traveling and for the dorm room.

We visited The Stash and she selected a Stars and Moon Face fabric.  A yellow quilting cotton was used for the lining.

Travel Essentials by Annie

The bag is based loosely on Travel Essentials by Annie.

Lower 3 Pockets

Lower 3 Pockets

The bag includes 4 zipped sections.  Three were made with mesh cut from a laundry bag.  The mesh allows one to see what is inside the pockets and wears (and washes) better than vinyl.

CLosed and Ready for Travel

Closed and Ready for Travel

The lowest pocket is actually a dimensional pocket with more than enough room for “all that stuff.”

The whole thing rolls up for travel.  It even has a carrying handle.

No raw edges here!

No raw edges here!

Construction of the bag required a few starts and stops.  The pockets were sewn to a separate lining piece.  All raw edges were turned under, even the mesh pieces. The lower pocket is fully lined.

Opened Bag

Opened Bag

I also added a ring strap using snaps that have been in The Stash since making baby clothes decades ago (which prompted a little, slightly emotional trip down memory lane!)

After completing all the pockets and securing them to the lining – it was stitched to the outer quilted piece.

These bags really are great for travel, dorm rooms and bathrooms in small apartments, so I will probably make a few more.  Some changes I implement on the next ones:

Lower pocket.  Depth is 1.5".

Lower pocket. Depth is 1.5″.

  1. Add at least one more closure/hanger.  When hanging, the single center hanger location will cause the bag to tilt.
  2. Finish the ends of the lowest pocket zipper with fabric to reduce bulk in binding.
  3. Use a stiffer batting in base and an interfacing in lowest pocket.
  4. Use pleats in lower pocket rather than sewing on the base piece.  The bulk at the lower corners broke sewing needles.

The Zipper Stash was not able to help with this bag.  Although I did use the zipper from the laundry bag for one of the white zippers.  As this bag requires a total of 4 zippers, I will have find a bargain zipper supplier prior to sewing additional bags!


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Black and White and Carried All Over…

Black and White and Carried All Over Bag

Black and White and Carried All Over Bag

My sister travels.  A lot.

So for Christmas, I wanted to make her a Carry-On Bag that met her needs using the Scrap Bag Bag Pattern.  Christmas came and went and as sometimes happens, the gift was not completed in time.

Hidden External Zip Pocket

Hidden External Zip Pocket – lined with scrap of BW print

But, now I had time to ensure it was more personalized.  She likes black and white.  She needs lots of pockets – both inside and out.  The carry-on should be constructed with an easy clean base and have a cross-body carrying strap for those between gates mad-dash.

Finding the Black and White fabric required only a few minutes.  Scraps of other Black and White fabrics were also collected from The Stash for pocket linings.

Marine Vinyl Base, sides and piping

Marine Vinyl Base, sides and piping

The easy clean based did require a coupon-enabled trip to the fabric store to purchase a yard of black Marine Vinyl.  Stash piping was covered with the vinyl to make matching piping for the bag.

As the geometric design of the upholstery remnant was rather large, every effort was made to center the design.  External pockets were “fussy cut” to match the sides.

Can you find the Pocket?  Matching the pocket to the side.The external pockets are sewn between the handles.  One is a simple opened pocket.  Scrap black linen was used to sew a strip across the top of the other.  This strip hides a zippered pocket – for anything requiring a bit of extra security when traveling.

The handles are simple black webbing, as is the much longer removable cross body handle.  Recycled clips and rings from no longer used backpacks make the longer handle removable.

Two zippered pockets and some lace

Two zippered pockets, an open pocket and some lace

A carry-on bag is subject to less than delicate handling.  So external embellishment is rather limited.  However, the inside is somewhat more protected, so I had a little fun…

The Stash contained both a black and a white zipper.  Using the lace and the fabric scraps allowed me to sew two zippered pockets and a smaller opened pocket on one side.

One large pocket divided by a center seam.

One large pocket divided by a center seam.

One the other side, one larger open pocket was divided by a center seam.

Lace and Pockets inside assembled bag.

Lace and Pockets inside assembled bag.

When assembled, the lace and internal pockets add a bit of a surprise!

Pocka-dotted ZIpper

Polka-dotted Zipper

The Stash also contained a Black and White polka-dotted zipper which was used for the main opening.  It is difficult to see, but it really does have polka-dots on it!

Side View

Side View

The finished Carry-On is ready for shipping – but I’m sure it will be returning when she comes to visit!




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A Manly, but still Secure, Luggage Tag

Stash Couture and Secure Luggage Tags

Colorful Secure Luggage Tags were the gifts of the 2014 Christmas Season.

However, even the added level of security they provide could not convince my husband to attach something that colorful to his dark masculine (AKA:  boring) luggage.

Manly and Secure Luggage Tag

Manly and Secure Luggage Tag

So he received a manly version.  Sewn from black marine vinyl – any small scrap of vinyl will do.  This one is lined with a beautiful hand marbled dark blue fabric scrap.

It turns out making the tags from vinyl is simpler than sewing them from fabric!

The tutorial for the fabric versions is located here.  The vinyl version requires only 3 pieces – and no interfacing.

Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

Cut a piece of the vinyl and the lining into rectangles just larger than 3″ * 9″.  Glue them, wrong sides together, using spray adhesive (applied outdoors).

Allow the spray adhesive to dry.

Righthand shape and lower lefthand shape are used to make vinyl version.

Using a (sharp) rotary cutter, cut the rectangle into the shape shown in Photo.

Cut 20″ or so of selected ribbon.

Topstitch very close to edge all the way around, catching ribbon on short, straight end of tag.

Cut a piece of vinyl into the 3.5″ * 2.5″  frame shown in the lower left hand corner.

(The upper righthand shape is not required for the vinyl version.)

Frame sewn to fabric side

Frame sewn to fabric side. Ribbon caught by topstitching.  Grommet in angled end.

Cut a piece of clear vinyl (I use blanket/quilt carrier vinyl as it is quite pliable) just smaller than 3.5″ * 2.5″.

Place the clear vinyl under the frame on the fabric side of the luggage tag.

Sew through all layers on 3 sides of frame (one side has to be left open to put contact information under clear vinyl).

Frame with secure info

Frame with secure info

Add a grommet to the short angled end (a paper hole punch actually works well to cut the opening).



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