Purse Proof Kindle Cushion

I received a Kindle from my wonderful children for Christmas.  As a voracious reader, I love it!   However, I needed to make a cushioned cover to be able to carry it over hill and dale in the deep, dark recesses of my purse!

Stash and Sketch for Kindle Cover

Stash and Sketch for Kindle Cover

The Stash had what I needed:

The Stash-tastic fabric is Tina Givens Opal Owl in Pink and a small scale giraffe spot print.

The batting, trim and buttons are also from The Stash.

A few measurements..

A few measurements..



A few measurements later… have to make sure the pockets do not cover up words.  Doubled the batting for extra cushioning.

I wanted to quilt it, but three broken sewing machine needles later, decided quilting was not really necessary!

..and the Kindle Cushion/Cover is complete and a 100% Destashification Project!

Kindle Cover

Kindle Cover









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