Simple Boho Sling Bag

"Like this one only in purple and turquoise"

"Like this one only in purple and turquoise"

My niece requested a bag “kinda like” this one, “but in purple and turquoise”.

Simple Boho Sling Bag

Simple Boho Sling Bag

This is the result.  Tutorial here.

Many of these boho bags – in a variety of colors – can be seen slung over shoulders.

They also make a very nice sewing project for beginning needleartists, so I thought I might post a tutorial later this week.

The Stash has a number of purple, blue and turquoise fabrics – as they are my daughter’s favorite colors.

However, when combined in a patchwork pattern, the result too brightly colored and  not the boho-look desired.

So, off to my favorite off-price store to better define boho.

Started with a Scarf

Started with a Scarf

This scarf was the requested colors – and reminded me of the 70s cotton bedspreads (that were typically hung from dorm room ceilings!).  Combine that with the clearance price – and it was perfect!

Cutting Squares

Cutting Squares

Cutting 5″ squares (for 4″ finished squares) from the scarf produced a variety of motifs.  But just using the fabric from the scarf was a bit overwhelming – so the scarf squares and The Stash squares were combined.

Arranging the Squares on the Foundation Fabric

Arranging the Squares on the Foundation Fabric

The squares were arranged in a pleasing pattern and then sewn to a foundation fabric.  The scarf fabric was very light – and too fragile for “regular” patchwork, so a foundation piecing method was required.

To simplify the sewing process, the stitching lines for the squares were drawn directly onto the back of the foundation pieces.

Note to self:  Once the squares are arranged in the chosen pattern – take a picture because your memory is just not that good!

Interior Pocket

Interior Pocket

The interior of the bag includes a very large pockets with compartments for a pen and a cell phone.

Beaded Button Closure

Beaded Button Closure

Finishing touches included a beaded button closure and a few embroidered embellishments.

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4 Responses to Simple Boho Sling Bag

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  2. Laura BC (bridesmom) says:

    I love this bag, and it will make great Christmas presents for my 3 girls.

    • We attended a two day High School Volleyball tournament this weekend – it seemed every girl there had one of these sling bags on their shoulders!

      Many had interesting embroidered designs – all with a boho theme.

      During my weekly “walkabout” at the off-price stores, I found a number of block printed table cloths that mimic the look of the “bedspreads that hung from the ceilings of our dorm rooms”. Very inexpensive (about $7.00), enough fabric for at least two bags – and perfect for that boho look!

  3. Rosie Rayner says:

    A friend had one of these lovely bags but I couldn’t work out how to make one. Thank you for a very professional tutorial and solving my quandary. I can’t wait to start.

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