Human-sized Top from a Size 0 Dress

Anthropologie Blurred Boundaries Dress by Tabitha

Anthropologie Blurred Boundaries Dress by Tabitha

Isn’t this just a beautiful dress?  Love the colors, love the silk gauze fabric, love the cut of the dress.

Don’t love the $170+ price tag and from product reviews, the miniscule waist would create fitting (if not breathing) difficulties.

Tabitha Size 0

Tabitha Tag, Size 0

But, apparently someone was smiling down on me…  I found the dress – in a size 0 (Really?  A size 0? Is that a size or in the mathematical/logical sense – a complete lack of size???) for $10 because someone had broken the zipper.

New Look 6466

New Look 6466

The dress contained lots of fabric because of the waist pleats – so I decided to make New Look 6466 – which had a similar bodice.

I used the existing hem, parts of the existing bodice fronts and the existing ties.  Cut the skirt, the bodice back and new straps, and pieced the bodice fronts.

After several fitting and re-fitting efforts (the pattern reviews are correct – the pattern runs large and big around), the top was complete.

Tabitha Top

Tabitha Top - self portrait!

After seeing these photos, I guess the top is not complete.  Even with a camisole underneath, the skirt of the top is too sheer.

I shall have to see if The Stash holds any voile or light weave to line the skirt.





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4 Responses to Human-sized Top from a Size 0 Dress

  1. Laura BC (bridesmom) says:

    Love this one! You did a great job on the top. I tried to make this top for my pregnant daughter but she had increased so much in the bust that it didn’t fit, then after the baby, it was too big.

    • Thanks..

      I am still searching for a lining for the skirt portion. Everything is polyester – which in 100+ degrees is like wearing a plastic bag. This is one of the few times The Stash did not provide what was required.

      During what I had hoped was the “final fitting”, it became obvious the top was too big, as well. Fortunately, I had substituted buttons for the zipper as the fabric was too fragile. Moving the buttons over 2″ was a quick fix!

      After some very frustrating fitting issues, I now read reviews at Pattern Review prior to cutting out a new garment. Doing so has lowered the frustration level greatly!

  2. Susan says:

    There needs to be new sizes created. How does a size zero accomodate menogut? LOL

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