Luscious Yarn = Lovely Sweaters

The Yarn Stash is more tactile than The Fabric Stash.   It contains yarns spun from qiviut, cashmere, silk, merino, linen, bamboo (even some wool and acrylics) and combinations there of.  Yarn just has a feel that is difficult to resist.

After finishing the Five Year Sweater, I was motivated to complete a few of the other partially completed knitting projects in the Yarn Stash.

Detail of Linen Cardigan Lace

Detail of Linen Cardigan Lace

Two sweaters were completed before the fleeting knitting motivation abandoned me again!

The blue cardigan is knit in a surprisingly soft 100% linen yarn.

It is a basic raglan top-down cardigan with lace added at the front edges.  The pattern is available free. 

Linen Cardigan

Linen Cardigan

Linen and short sleeved, it will be perfect for the Arizona summers – when the AC creates an indoor chill.

Linen yarn is said to “bloom.”   After knitting with it, I realize that “bloom” is just an artistic expression for “shed.” When knitting this, I was so covered in blue lint that I looked like a smurf!

The second cardigan was also top-down, knit with a lace petal design a the neck.

Petal Lace Cardigan

Petal Lace Cardigan

The yarn was a worsted weight bamboo, hand-dyed in colors that were impossible to walk away from – pinks and browns! I believe it was called Copper Rose.

The brown is a coppery rust color, the pink is a muted ruby.  The Stash contains a copper colored linen fabric that will make a perfect skirt to compliment the sweater!

Petal Lace Detail

Petal Lace Detail - Back

Even in Arizona, the winter mornings require a long-sleeved sweater to ward off the chill.

The Stash provided the buttons – a tiny pink bead was added when they were sewn on.

Stash Buttons with pink bead.

Stash Buttons with pink bead.

If the knitting mojo hits again, I may redo the neckline of this cardigan.  In these photos, it is apparent that it distorts the lace design.

Edited on 1/9/12:  Reknit the neckline (4 times).  The first time I followed the pattern and it was huge!  The second time (above) it was too tight.  The third time was just a bit wonky as the decreases caused angles in the neckline.

Corrected and re-corrected neckline.

Corrected and re-corrected neckline.

Finally (said Goldilocks) it was just right (or close enough).

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  1. Sue says:

    Wool? Don’t forget us New Yorker’s. SC

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