When Fabric Grows on Trees

I have always been warned that “Money doesn’t grow on trees,”  but apparently, there are a few times trees actually sprout fabrics!

Temperatures here in Arizona can reach over 110 degrees in July and August – but this week, temperatures here are proving they can fall well below freezing

Trees "growing" Fabric

Trees “growing” Fabric

Trees and shrubs that can tolerate 115 can rarely tolerate sub-freezing temps.

To prevent frost kills, trees are wrapped in sheets, blankets and all sorts of finery.

Although not a true Destashification Project,  large pieces of fabric from the Stash were used to save our trees.

This 30 foot ficus  tree (fig tree) is the hit of the neighborhood in its earth-toned stripes.

Its neighbor, the lemon tree, is more bohemian – wearing both a cabbage rose print (left over from bedroom decor a few years back) and a copper and black damask (left over from a shower curtain that is still hanging).

Trees sprouting fabrics.

Trees sprouting fabrics.

The shrubs and low lying plants were covered with a variety of fabrics.  Ivory and tan fabrics can be seen in the lower right hand side of the second picture.

Underneath their finery the trees are being heated by large Christmas lights.

After two frigid nights, it appears the branches not covered by fabric were damaged – but the trees themselves should make it!  One more cold night (22 degrees) is predicted.

I knew that Fabric Stash would prove useful!

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1 Response to When Fabric Grows on Trees

  1. Beulah says:

    This so reminds me of Florida. Seems we have at least one very cold night here each year. Hope all is well now.

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