This year’s UnFinished Gift – Finished

Finished UFG!

Finished UFG!

Every year there is the one UFG.

From what I understand it is a common occurrence among knitters.

This year several hats and 2 scarves were wrapped.  But one of the scarves was still on the needles!

Two days later – finished, blocked and ready to make the trip to the snow country come the end of Winter Break.

The pattern is Easy as Pie Scarf, by Megan Delorme.  It is the same one used for the Cashmere Scarf.

I modified the pattern by using a “Resting Row” – Purl Every Stitch on the wrong side.  Doing so requires the pattern only be counted on the right side rows – allowing the brain to “rest” on wrong wide rows!

Vintage DK

Vintage DK

Two skeins (288 yards each) of Vintage DK by Berroco were knit on size 7 needles.

Vintage DK

Vintage DK

The heathered teal/grey yarn is a machine washable blend of acrylic, wool, and nylon.  It knit easily, but did not block as well as the cashmere blend.  The lace pattern quickly returned to its pre-blocking distortion once dry.

Teal/Grey Scarf

Teal/Grey Scarf

However, machine washable yarn was a must for scarves headed to a college campus!

One stripe of the Striped Destashification Slouch Hat was knit with this scarf yarn so they can be worn together.


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