Tweed Stitch Scarf

The Yarn Stash contains some very beautiful yarn – both in color and texture.

Variations in Same Dye Lot

Variations in Same Dye Lot

The Stash included two skeins of sportweight Maricash Hand Painted – an very soft cashmere and wool blend hand dyed in a gorgeous red-yellow-purple colorway (HP66).

Mericash Hand Painted

Mericash Hand Painted

The colors changed every few inches.

As with many hand dyed yarns, skeins  of the same dye lot can be quite different.

Both skeins contained the same vibrant colors, but their distribution in the two skeins varied.  The first skein had a great deal more deep violet and cranberry colors.  The second contained more of a very light almost cream yellow.

Color variations – no problem.  Alternate skeins every other row!

Tweed Stitch

Tweed Stitch

I wanted to knit this yarn in a stitch that would highlight and blend the beautiful rich colors.  I tried Linen Stitch, but it just looked confusing.

The Tweed Stitch, which appears to also be called Half-Linen Stitch, worked beautifully with this yarn.

The short lengths of color create an almost Monet painting effect.

While knitting the scarf did roll, which was easily corrected during blocking.



The beautiful colors did not bleed during blocking.

720 square inches of softness!

720 square inches of softness!

The finished scarf is 10″ wide by 6 feet long….. and so soft.

The next post will include the pattern for this scarf.

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