Stash Couture Styling for the MOG

MOG-Stash Couture Styling

MOG-Stash Couture Styling


A lot of fun AND a great opportunity for Stash Couture Styling!!!

For the wedding, a MOG dress in a border print silk chiffon, lined with silk dupioni.  The jacket is the same dupioni, self-lined.  All fabrics from The Stash!

Vogue 7963

The jacket is Vogue 7693, a design that includes all the elements this MOG requires in formal wedding attire:  Timeless, elegant, sophisticated, NOT matronly or “age-appropriate”,  and most importantly – comfortable.

Butterick 5982

Butterick 5982

The jacket is a Very Easy/Very Vogue.  Experience has taught the “Very Easy” can be misleading, but in this case, it was true.

The jacket body was lengthened two inches.  The dupioni was interlined in quilting cotton.  The portrait collar is stunning!

MOG Stash Couture Dress

MOG Stash Couture Dress

The bodice of the dress is Butterick 5982, sleeveless and V-neck. Love the Cup-Sized Patterns!!!

The skirt is self-drafted (translation:  pleated rectangles to accommodate the border print!)

The colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses are a very muted pink (MOH) and grey.

Silk chiffon

Silk Chiffon

This silk border print has a bit of the pink and a grey ground.  It also has a bit of green, yellow, brown and rust – all very muted.

Zipper requiring careful hand basting - right side print was 1" longer than left!!

Zipper requiring careful hand basting – right side print was 1″ longer than left!!

This fabric has been in The Stash so long I cannot remember even what decade I purchased it in!  But it is perfect for this wedding!

Sewing with the silk chiffon was not as easy as with the dupioni.  Spray starch was used to add sufficient structure to be able to pleat the skirt.  Matching the print at the center back zipper was a challenge – one side was 1″ longer than the other!!!

Total Costs: Less than $20!

  • Dress:  $10 for bodice pattern ($2), zipper ($4) and spray starch!
  • Jacket:  $9.50 for pattern ($5) and pin ($4.50).






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7 Responses to Stash Couture Styling for the MOG

  1. Mickey says:

    That is just lovely. It will move beautifully on the dance floor. You are, as always, wonderfully creative and talented. Thank you for sharing!

  2. A lovely outfit. Enjoy the wedding!

  3. Looks lovely! You got everything colour coordinated and it looks like a designer original! (For $20!)

  4. KayZee says:

    I know this is a late comment but I hope you’ll see it and respond. I LOVE everything about your MOG outfit!! You look so wonderful in your outfit. I hope you enjoyed the wedding. Our son is getting married in Oct. and this is the exact look I’m going for. I know you said you didn’t remember where or when you bought the fabric for your dress, but could you suggest any on-line sources for something similar? Unfortunately my only local store is JoAnn’s, and I think I’ll be resorting to on-line shopping for fabric. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. The outfit was very comfortable to wear (and dance in!). I think I spent less time on my dress than would be required to try on and pick out a ready-made one (and then alter it!!!) and I was much happier – as the options in stores were somewhat frightening!

      As far as finding similar fabric, I found two types of stores that carry limited stocks of printed silks.

      The first includes small specialized fabric stores… which I realize are few and far between now. And it sounds like there are none near you.

      The second includes the online fabric “warehouses.” I had the opportunity to visit Mood Fabrics while visiting family in NYC. They have beautiful silks, some by designers, but all very flowy and would sew up wonderfully in a pattern like this. Most online fabric wearhouses will send samples for a minimal fee.

      Thanks again for the wonderful comments. I am sure you will find something.

      Enjoy the wedding!

      • KayZee says:

        Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my questions and for the valuable information. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your doing so. I am excited about sewing my MOG dress, but daunted by the task of finding the fabric! Getting samples will certainly be the way to go.

        I’d bookmarked your MOG dress page as soon as I saw it because it really was so “me”!

        Thanks again.

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