Appliqued Leaves Jacket

full back 2

No weddings this year – but there is a graduation!  In a colder climate!

Which only means one thing!

Time to make a jacket!

Screenshot (327)I selected  McCalls 7201.   This Nancy Zieman Swing coat has no center back seam and a longer back- creating the perfect canvas upon which to “paint with a needle!”

Although the linen-blend fabric has been lounging in the stash for over 5 years, it was always intended for this purpose.  I knew when I saw the “vines with leaves” embroidered design, I would be using it to create an embellished jacket.

Embellishment Detail

Embellishment Detail

An interlining of some heft was required to sufficiently stabilize the lightweight fabric for applique, beading and embroidery.  (Gee, I wonder if The Stash had anything appropriate for that?)  Luckily, The Stash supplied 3 – 4 yards of a heavy weight rust colored linen-blend.  It was just what was needed.

close up 3Each leaf on the center back is uniquely embellished.  An applique was placed over most, but not all, of the embroidered leaves and then further embellished with beads and embroidery.

The appliques are all silk from The Stash. As silk creases even better than cotton, it is the perfect fabric for applique – especially when the leaves have a point! I hope to post an how-to post detailing the  leaves in the near future.

liningA remnant of silk ikat used for part of the lining and some leaves inspired the color scheme. It includes brown, pink, maroon and a taupe.  The remnant was in my mother’s stash, left over from a skirt she made some time in the 90s. The solid Duiponi colors used for the appliques were the color of the ikat and ivory.

This is far from my typical color scheme, but I have learned that muted embellishments keep a heavily embellished garment from looking “clownish.”

ja full frontI love the lapped front and the “hi-low” of the pattern, it keeps the jacket from looking too heavy.  The jacket front picture includes the pink of the dress sewn to wear under the jacket.

Modifications to the pattern:

  1. Sleeves were shortened to 3/4 length.
  2. Jacket was lined to edge in contrasting fabric.
  3. No topstitching.

I hope to post some photos of the outfit soon!




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9 Responses to Appliqued Leaves Jacket

  1. Susan says:


  2. Incredible work!! The jacket is simply stunning.

  3. Sew Ruthie says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Leaves are my favourite motif. The embellishments are spectacular.

  4. Roxane says:

    You’re right–this is a perfect pattern for this kind of embellishment, and the subtle colors do reduce the clown factor. A masterpiece!

    • Thanks!
      A few failures and too bright color combinations created some reticence for involved embellishment projects. Soooooo pleased when this project (with a few re-dos of more than a few of the leaves) came together. Makes me want to attempt another!

  5. Fussel says:

    This looks like the height of elegance! Simply WOW!

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