Back from the Long Arm Quilters…

The Long Arm Quilter (a term that brings to mind a visual of a woman holding a needle and thread in the hand of one bizarrely long arm…..) set a new land speed record and finished all three of my “quilts” in one week.

One week!  It will take much longer than that for me to finish the binding!

One Block Wonder Quilting Lines

One Block Wonder Close- up of Parallel Quilting Lines

The parallel vertical quilting lines give the quilt a more contemporary look.

The random distances between quilting lines were selected by the quilter.  She is wonderful!

I love the celtic knot trim that were printed with the pillow top panels.  I included one on each side of the quilt.

More Hexagons

More OBW Hexagons

The second picture focuses on some of my favorite hexagons in the quilt.  Some of the knots in the pillow tops created hexagons that were too busy.  These just seemed to work.

When I saw the blues, golds, and rusts in the Celtic Illumination Fabric I just had to add it to my stash!




Whole Cloth Quilt #1

Whole Cloth Quilt #1

This is the second “quilt”.  It is obviously not pieced and some might call it a “Whole Cloth Quilt”. I took the pictures at night so the shadows would emphasize the quilting.

This daybed is in my sewing/guest room and this fabric (a remnant, if I remember correctly) seemed perfect as a combination coverlet/daybed cover.

The pillows were added for color and comfort.  The matching pillows are down-filled and so comfortable!  The color is a dark gold on a lighter beigey-yellow ground!

Close-Up of Quilting

Close-Up of Quilting. The close-up shows the heart shape that is hidden in the Long Arm Quilting.

The fabric is 100% cotton drapery weight and I washed it prior to sending it off to be quilted.  The daybed gets a lot of use so the coverlet had to be able to withstand wear and tear (including teenage girls sleepover parties!).  I thought a pieced quilt top would be too delicate.

I do need to put a solar screen on the large south-facing window in the room, though.  In Arizona, fabric in a room with a south facing window is guaranteed to fade!

The third quilt is also a Whole Cloth Quilt – and again from Drapery Weight Fabric.  I do not have it bound yet.  It was the Destashification Winner, requiring almost 12 yards to complete (I made it reversible!).  More soon……



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