French Braid Table Runner


Speedy Rotary Cuts…

No Miters…

Uses small pieces of several fabrics from the Stash!

Could there possibly be a project that checks all these boxes?  Yes. Yes, there is!  The Destashification French Braid Table Runner!

French Braid Table Runner

The Destashification French Braid Table Runner

Love it! Love it!

This is a 100% Destashification Project.  Nothing new was purchased to complete the table runner.  I ran out of matching thread with less than 3 feet of binding to stitch down….I so wanted to go to The Store to “just get one spool of thread,” but I know better. I finished the binding with a close-enough colored thread!

DS FB Table Runner on Table

DS FB Table Runner on Table

Most of these fabrics were also used in the New York Beauty Quilt (at LAQ now).  The rust, which also forms the border, was left over from the Celtic Illumination OBW Quilt I made for my son.

I love how the colors blend from one to the next.

This Table Runner would be great as a first quilting project.  I used a long piece of almost-linen as a foundation for the runner.  Others (out there on the wwqw – world-wide quilting web) who have made braided runners noted that the cut-on-the-bias edges tended to stretch.

Simple solution!  Stitch as a foundation pieced quilt!  No stretching! All bias edges are stitched to the straight grain of the foundation!

Pressing lines down the middle of the long piece of linen also provided a target to keep the points straight!

It went together so quickly and is so striking!  I am sure I will be making more.  I think the next one will be my first attempt at a tutorial!  Maybe a lighter colored one for the summer! Definitely a Christmas Table Runner!

When time allows, I will add some quilting to the braids and the boarders.  Currently, it is just stitched-in-the-ditch.


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12 Responses to French Braid Table Runner

  1. quiltfever says:

    It’s beautiful and you were wise to use the close-enough thread to finish the binding.

  2. I love this! Definitely a good idea for a Christmas pressie, that’s all my female relations sorted this year! 🙂

  3. Mary Margaret Wacker says:

    Do you have a pattern for this? I have a similar pattern from quiltbug, but my sister wants it to be bigger (14 by 69).

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  5. Janice Moldenhauer says:

    How can you obtain the pattern for the French Braid Table Runner? Sure is pretty.

  6. Dee Klac says:

    I made a braided table runner almost exactly like yours, however, the one I made was a “sew as you go”, meaning the batting and backing were all sewn at once. I misplaced my original pattern and it has been a few years back. I was hoping you had the pattern. Dee

    • What a great idea!

      Rather than sew the strips and squares to a foundation fabric – they can just be sewn to the batting and the backing! Doing so would eliminate a number of “finishing” steps – the runner would be ready for binding at the completion of piecing!

      What a timesaver!

      I will have to try it on the next runner I make..

      In answer to your question, no, I do not have such a pattern.

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