Stash Couture: The Destashification Dress

Another 100% Destashification Project!

Destashification Dress

Destashification Dress

The fabric, pattern, thread, interfacing (yes,interfacing) and thread were all from the stash!

Apologies for the self-photograph.

Fabric was a knit, content unknown.  It is not 100% cotton, perhaps some rayon, perhaps some polyester.   Pre-washed as a precaution.

The bodice pattern is loosely based on a (very) old Butterick pattern I use to upcycle T-shirts.  I used the asymmetrical skirt portion from Butterick 5485:

The colors are a peachy orange and various browns – not overly fabulous….

But, a sleeveless, extremely comfortable knit dress will get much use in the heat of Arizona – even if it is not overly fabulous!

Once I completed the skirt portion I noted that when the “flap” moved it allowed the hemmed edges (finished with a serger threaded with not-even-close-colored thread) to show.  So, I went back to the stash to see what I might have to cover the edges and maybe add the little something that was missing from this dress!

The stash contains ribbon, both plain and patterned in a variety of textures.  Plain colored ribbon did not add anything to the dress, and textured (upholstery) trim was too heavy.

One green/blue/yellow ribbon grabbed my attention, even though it was a “wired” ribbon. When I held the ribbon against the dress, the colors just jumped….

Trim on Dress Hemmed Edges

Trim on Dress Hemmed Edges

I removed the wires (love using tools!).

…and although the ribbon is only visible if the flap flaps, it added the extra something the dress needed!

As the fabric did not have much structure, the empire waist tended to sag, even when interfaced.  To counter the problem, I added a wide piece of elastic (also from the stash) across the front, securing it at both side seams.

Close-up of dress top

Close-up of dress top

The result is shown in the close-up below.  The elastic added stability without putting the strain on the fabric.  Next time I use the modified pattern, I may attempt to serge the elastic to the entire length of the front band to add even more stability and strength.

Wore the dress to the airport!  So comfortable! Many compliments!  May add some beads at some point…

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  1. Robin says:

    You are so clever!

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