Workout Wear goes Stash Couture in 2 hours!

Stash Couture Workout Wear Close-up

Stash Couture Workout Wear Close-up

A very plain white zip-up french terry cover-up becomes couture courtesy of “The Stash”.

This Sun Face motif was placed across the upper back of the cover-up.

The center is a simple purple and gold polymer clay sun face made from a mold glued to felt and beaded.

Two stash fabrics circles were fused down and then the edges were machine zig-zagged.  The pink is a metallic sheer.  I was not sure the fusible would work with a sheer, but it did not “leak” through at all.

The swirly “air currents” were then hand stitched.

Stash Couture Cover-up DetailA jacquard ribbon was zig-zagged over the empire waist seam to form a casing and then a pink/gold twisted cord was pulled through it.

The sleeves and one pocket received some small swirly air currents.

Total Time:  2 Hours

Total Cost: $0

I took two pictures during the “Making Of”.  I am not one to sketch the design.  I have tried, but the finished product never looks like the sketch – it just seems to evolve as I work on it.

Beaded Sun Face Motif

Beaded Sun Face Motif

This marbled-look fabric really made the purple/gold sun face stand out.



I kept trying to add sun-rays, but they just didn’t seem to work.

Making of with sun rays

Making of Cover-Up with sun rays





I decided on the hand stitched “air currents” instead.

Finished Cover-Up Motif

Finished Cover-Up Motif

Love It!

So much fun to make!  Wore it to aerobics yesterday and got so many compliments!

Does anyone know if polymer clay is washable?

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2 Responses to Workout Wear goes Stash Couture in 2 hours!

  1. Lee K says:

    Very spiffy! “Threads” issue 39 has an article by Barbara Hjort on making polymer clay buttons and “danglies”, as she calls them, to embellish garments. She says they are washable, and that she does sweatshirts by machine in a lingerie bag, but that they should be air-dried, as the dryer heat would damage them. Dry-cleaning is not recommended. HTH. Lee

  2. I thought I had read every Threads ever published, but I must have missed that one. Thanks for the tip and the reference!

    I like the lingerie bag idea – and I bet I have some mesh somewhere in The Stash to make one from!!!!

    I have a few not-quite-perfect faces from the polymer clay that I am going to test in my washing machine. I’ll reply with results.

    Thanks again.

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