Stash Couture Goes Green!..and Blue, and Yellow, and…

They can hold a week’s worth of groceries, they are washable, they are re-usable…  Introducing the Stash Couture Market Bags!   Go Green and Go Stash Couture!

Stash Couture Market Bags

Stash Couture Market Bags

Fabric for the bag bodies is upholstery or drapery weight. Pockets are of various weights.

100% Destash Market Bag

100% Destash Market Bag

The fabric used for the body of the blue bag (right) was also used to make the handles.  The yellow twill tape added both color and strength. Stashed quilting weight toile for the pocket – and even a laundry tape name label (from my MIL’s stash!) – make this a 100% Destash Market Bag.

Plexiglass was cut to fit in the base of each bag.  It not only adds structural stability to the bag – but can be easily removed, washed, and sanitized!


Market Bags

Market Bags

The bags are different sizes – more of function of fabric width than any design or intention.  The blue bag to the right is HUGE at 9″ by 18″ and 14″ tall!

The green bag shown on the left is taller, but not as wide as the blue bag.  It is 9″ by 15″ and 17″ tall.

Trim on Green Market Bag

Trim on Green Market Bag

The trim on the green bag was – (oh! the horror!) purchased for this project! (Gasp! Gasp!).  Luckily, discounts made it slightly less painful.  The Plan was to purchase just the wide navy blue grosgrain ribbon, but the green floral ribbon was a perfect color match – (and it was 50% off) – so I just had to….


The Stash did not have any heavier weight fabric for a contrasting base for the blue damask print, so I quilted a quilting weight Christmas fabric. The Stash provided appropriate batting.  A very narrow red and white gingham ribbon was added to the blue cotton webbing used for the handles. Both were from The Stash.

Blue Market Bag Detail

Blue Market Bag Detail

100% Destash Market Bag Blue and Red

100% Destash Market Bag Blue and Re


The Stash also contained a swivel clasp left over from a conference name tag.  I added it just below the laundry name tag – it may come in handy at some point!

.…So this one is also a 100% Destash Bag!

At some point during Stash Development, giraffe fabrics seemed to speak to me.  I used small amounts of three of giraffe fabrics in the bags.  In the Green Market Bag Close-up there are blue giraffes on the pocket fabric, although most of them appear upside down in that photo.

Trim on Griaffe Market Bag

Trim on Giraffe Market Bag

In the Giraffe Market Bag shown to the left, one giraffe print was used for the bag and a different giraffe print for the pocket.  The base and the handles were made of dark brown microsuede.  The microsuede handles seemed to stretch, so the purchase (again, the “P” word!!!) of the red nylon webbing became necessary.

Although I claim not to be a rick rack person, The Stash says otherwise.  So, I used some on this bag and am rather pleased with the results.

To attest to the age of my some of my stash – the ecru twill tape under the rick rack was in its original wrapping  – and the price was 15 cents!

I am considering posting a How-to for the bags.  They really are quite fun (and very easy) to make.  For the first one, I measured and re-measured and re-measured.  By the third bag, I had figured out a non-Math version – just some folding in half – which invited a lot more imagination – and produced a lot less frustration!!!





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8 Responses to Stash Couture Goes Green!..and Blue, and Yellow, and…

  1. jenyjenny says:

    Yay! Beautiful work, and i love the concept and title, Destashification!

  2. M. johnson says:

    Wow, I wish I was talented enough to make something like this! I love the prints! I just bought myself a new giraffe tote, but love stuff like this. I’m going to have to try and make myself something similar! Good job!

  3. RuthieK says:

    Would love onstructions for the bags. I have some fabric in stash which would be fantastic for this. Ruthie. xxx

  4. how can I get patterns for the Stash Bags on the April 2011 posting?

    • The tote pattern is one I hope to post soon.

      The duffle bag combines a pattern from my Pattern Stash and a few simple additions.

      I did look at what is currently available and Simplicity 5025 has both a duffle and a tote that are fairly close.

      Hope this is of help.

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi, did you ever post the tutorial for the Stash Couture Market Bags? I would love to use up some of the fabric I’ve ‘collected’. your design looks very user friendly.

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