Kindle Cushion ReMake..

Original Kindle Cover

Original Kindle Cushion

Kindle Cover Remake

Kindle Cushio Remake

Did you ever play that “Can You Spot the Differences?” game.

The Original Kindle Cushion just seemed “lacking”.  So, I took it apart and started over…

I added the following:

1.  Quilting – The cushion needed more structure.

2.  Brown piping between fabric and binding – the wine binding alone was too blah.

3.  Another inside pocket that provided more impact resistance (required when the Kindle is in my purse)

Kindle Cover and Kindle

Kindle Cover and Kindle

4.  Trimmed edges to square.

The ReMake Results were more Stash Couture.  I loved the look.   I had plans to bead up the owl feathers, find some ribbon to wrap it with…

Then I realized, there was a PROBLEM with that “Trimmed edges to Square” step of the ReMake.

As an quilter, I understand the importance of a perfect 90 degree angle at each corner of a rectangle…and as an engineer, perfection is the goal.

But apparently, one can get carried away.

Function should have superceded the need for right angle perfection in this case.

At some point in the process, trimming a bit became trimming too much!

The Kindle no longer fits inside the Kindle Cushion.

So, on to the Complete Kindle Cover ReMake!  I wonder what fabrics to use this time…..

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