Carry-on luggage – An Engineered Stash Couture Project

My computer is not feeling well.  It has a virus or two or more.  While it is at the doctor’s, I am not able to load photos.

I will be traveling cross-country by air in a few weeks.   These are 2 – 3 day trips and I am attempting to travel light – limiting myself to a carry-on bag.  I was previously informed that my commercially made wheeled carry-on luggage was too large to qualify.

So, off to The Stash…

But before I cut the first snip, I did I bit of engineering

I went to to determine allowable dimensions.  Apparently not all airlines have the same size limitations.  22″ x 14″ x 9″ seemed to be the smallest, so that determined size.

Then I listed the carry-on features I wanted:

  1. Light weight (since I could not locate any sew-on wheel kits!)
  2. Colorful (in case I did have to check it – I want to be able to spot it easily in baggage claim)
  3. Metal Zippers (no explanation required)
  4. Quick Access Outside Pockets for:  Boarding Pass
  5. More Secure Outside Pockets for:  Cell Phone and Driver’s License
  6. More Outside Pockets for:  Writing Utensil, Kindle/Magazine, Water Bottle and Food
  7. Luggage Tag that requires more than a glance to determine my identity.

I found Simplicity 2600 in The Stash.  The Duffle Bag (View A) was what I wanted to start with.  It’s dimensions are 13″ * 20″ * 11″.  I added 2″ to the width.  The pattern even came with a luggage tag pattern!

I used fabrics and trims remaining from the Market Bag Projects and love the results!  The Stash even had several metal upholstery zippers labeled “Clearance:  50 cents”!!!! (I knew I would find a use for them!)

I think if I use the coordinating Market Bag and the Duffle, I will be able to carry-on all I need!

Photos will be up as soon as the computer recovers!


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