Stash Couture Kindle Cushion

Stash Couture Kindle Cushion

The Kindle required a cover that:

  1. Providing cushioning while in the Purse.
  2. FIT!
  3. Was Stash Couture!

An earlier attempt met Requirement #1, but its remake no longer met Requirement #2 – so it was not too useful!

Crazy Quilting is a favorite activity and I love making these little “Beaded Goddess Faces”.

The Stash provided the beads, the polymer clay and mold for the face, the fabric, the piping, the embroidery threads, ribbons, button, and even the batting!

Kindle Cushion

Kindle Cushion

The only purchase was the Bias Binding – in orange!  I never use orange.  I was thinking yellow, but the binding tends to attract the most dirt which yellow would show….so orange it was!

Beaded Goddess

Beaded Goddess

Love the beaded face.  So much fun to create!

…And best of all – the Kindle fits perfectly!

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