Striped Skirt with Embellishments

Striped Skirt with embellishments - left front

Striped Skirt with embellishments - left front

I have always loved Marcy Tilton’s Vogue Skirt Pattern (Vogue 8561).  The pattern must have been in The Stash since it was first printed.  I just could not find the perfect fabric.

Vogue 8561

There is one fabric that I will break the Destashification Rules for and that is Stretch Linen, especially when less than $2.00 per yard.  This pin-striped Stretch Linen was in two pieces, but felt I had finally found the perfect fabric for the skirt.

So I took it home and pre-washed it…..and one piece shrank considerably while the other piece did not! The stripes on the two pieces were no longer the same width apart!

I almost gave up on project until I realized that the difference in the stripes could be used to emphasize the design elements of the skirt.

Striped skirts with embellishments - front

Striped skirts with embellishments - front

Before I started cutting, though, I went to Sewing Pattern Review to review comments of others who had made the skirt.  After reviewing all the pictures, I realized the March Tilton pattern was a straighter skirt than I had envisioned.

Neue Mode 22678

No problem, I was sure I had a long full skirt pattern in The Stash.  Unbelievably, I did not!  So I downloaded this pattern and created similar design elements to the original Marcy Tilton pattern.

Striped Skirt Front Pocket

Striped Skirt Front Pocket

The pockets were cut directly from the Vogue pattern.  However, I used a very simple Foundation Piecing method to make them.  I scanned in the pocket pieces and then reduced them until they were the correct size.  After printing them out, I could sew directly on the printed line to get the curved and pointed shape perfectly!

Marcy Tilton’s instructions for cutting the bias pieces provided guidance.  I cut the pieces larger than required, steam ironed them and then made the final cuts!

In addition to fabric, my stash contains numerous embellishments.  I used beads, buttons, buckles, and ribbons to embellish the skirt.  The X’s on the pockets and topstitching followed guidance in the original Vogue patterns.   I placed small pieces of scotch tape over the pocket edges and drew the X’s on the tape to reduce “mishaps”.

Striped Skirt - back pocket

Striped Skirt - back pocket

Stretch Linen is very comfortable, but being white it required a lining.  The Stash provided a white cotton to use for that purpose.

I wore the skirt to my daughter’s graduation dinner with a black top and received a number of compliments.

(…and I would probably break the Destashification Rules for Stretch Silk, too!)

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