Stash Couture for Father’s Day

Stash Couture Adult Spill Absorber

Stash Couture Adult Spill Absorber

Small motor skills may diminish in one’s hands after 75 years of serving one’s country and working to provide for one’s family.

However, dignity should not diminish with age…

A small gift for one who has given so much….

Based on Simplicity 2687, this combined the smaller and larger versions and a few additions. It is machine washable and used only items from The Stash.

Tie Detail

Tie Detail

The bowtie was hand stitched at the tie ends so that it would retain its shape during washings.

I wish it could be more….




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2 Responses to Stash Couture for Father’s Day

  1. Kris C. says:

    That’s really cool! A nice way to combine functionality with dignified function.

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