Stash Couture Prom Purse

Beautiful Dress, Beautiful Daughter, Beautiful Shoes…

But the Prom Purse, small and lightweight – just a cell phone, the ticket, and make-up for the touch ups, – is a true necessity for such an event.

Stash Couture Prom Purse

Stash Couture Prom Purse

The dress was navy, the shoes were silver…and this was the Purse:

Silver Grey silk dupioni, silk ribbon bluebells, a small piece of  hand marbled fabric, beads, buttons, and bits and pieces of  appropriately colored treasures!

And with one exception – all from The Stash!

The only purchase was the silver “M” on the lower left side.  It provided that personal touch.

Silver and blue are not colors I typically collect, so it took some intensive Stash Searching to find the fabrics and beads – but for such a small project – The Stash had more than enough!

Detail Stash Couture Prom Purse

Detail Stash Couture Prom Purse

The wristlet design works well for an evening purse as it is can be worn rather than tucked under one’s arm (or placed on a table and forgotten) as a clutch would.

It also opens sufficiently wide to allow easy access to that all important cell phone so no pictures are missed!

The pattern is my own, although I Vogue 7354 has two options that are similar.

Silk Ribbon Lupines

Silk Ribbon Bluebells

I have a small stash of silk and cotton hand marbled fabric pieces.  I use them in Crazy Quilting.  They are all beautiful, but this one really makes this purse special.

She looked beautiful and the purse tied the dress and the shoes together perfectly!

Even the girlfriends were impressed (and wanted one for the next semi-formal!)

As the daughter is only 15, the importance of having a small purse for such an event was not immediately apparent to her.

When she muttered something about “I’ll just use my backpack”  – I gasp loudly, and dropped everything for the three days it took me to finish the purse. 

I think she understands now!

Purses like this one, colors, designs and embellishments of choice, are available through my Etsy site.

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2 Responses to Stash Couture Prom Purse

  1. Laura BC (bridesmom) says:

    Love the purse! You’re a good mom!

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