A Tablecloth and a Shower Curtain..

A Table Cloth and a Shower Curtain.

Completed Pillows and Dupioni

Completed Pillows and Dupioni

They combine for more than 5 yards of Raymond Waites fabric!

The colors were perfect for my son’s bedroom.  They coordinated with the greyblue/green dupioni from The Stash that will be used to make the curtains.

Best color photo of fabrics

Blues are difficult to capture

The fabrics are not as photogenic as I had hoped.  The photo to the right shows the greens in the print, but faded the blues and the dupioni.  The silk is the color of the green leaves in the print.

The royal blue shirt in the photos is the best I could do for his comforter.  His comforter (and apartment) are 2,000+ miles away, the shirt was the best I had.

Pillows and Dupioni with Royal Blue

Pillows and Dupioni with Royal Blue

The larger flower in the print has a darker blue at the base of the petals that coordinates well with the royal.

One of the advantages of using a tablecloth for the Euro Shams is that it is 60″ wide.  The pillows could be  cut to 30″ squares side by side.  A 54″ fabric is too narrow to do so, requiring extra yardage.

Now to measure for those curtains…






At a well known

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3 Responses to A Tablecloth and a Shower Curtain..

  1. Judy says:

    Very lovely work. I found your link at Sew What’s Up…thought I’d take a look. I’m glad I did.

  2. sewingmom says:

    I love the fabrics aond the repurposing into such lovely pillows. Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!

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