Another Destashification Prom Purse

The Original Prom Purse

The Original Prom Purse

This Prom Purse was the Original Destashification Prom Purse.  Fabrics and trims from The Stash were combined in this prototype.

Reverse side of purse

Reverse side of purse

The brown/blue/yellow colorway was inspired by one of the fabrics and the rest just fell into place.

After it was finished, I could not decide which side was the “front” and which was the “back”.

Tatted Detail

Tatted Detail

Although this detail picture is not very clear, the multi-point star tatted lace motif can be seen.  I taught myself to needle tat just so I could add this motif to the bag.

The silk ribbon heart used an iron-on transfer – something else I had in The Stash!

Lace Detail showing hand marbled fabric

Lace Detail showing hand marbled fabric

The other side of the bag includes a beautiful piece of old lace embellished with silk ribbons, butterfly beads and Stash buttons.

The lower portion of the picture shows the hand marbled fabric that served as the inspiration for the colors used in this bag.  I have a small Stash (a sub-Stash?) of hand-marbled scraps.

Fish in the Sea Scape and other Seam Embelishments

Fish in the Sea Scape and other Seam Embellishments

The blue fish button was purchased specifically for this purse.  The Sea Scape just cried out for just such a fish!

Beaded Butterfly and Fringe

Beaded Butterfly and Fringe

A beaded butterfly floats upside down near the beaded fringe at the base of the bag.

This purse is listed in my Etsy Store

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