Stash Couture Jacket

Embellishing is so much fun!  The level can range from fully encrusted to just a few seam treatments.

Embellishment on Jacket Back

Embellishment on Jacket Back

I found a simple white linen jacket at an off-price store.  The jacket had great lines, including a rounded back yoke, but the starkness of the white needed something

Embellishments in darker colors, such as blues and purples would be a nice contrast against the white – and would coordinate nicely with darker (AKA: Mom) jeans.

Polymer Clay Goddess Face cabochons encrusted with beading seem to be a theme with me (although my niece recently informed me they are “scary”).  The image in the Destashification Project Banner is the cabochon on the back yoke of this jacket.  The purple and blue beading stand out on the white linen.

Jacket Front

Jacket Front

The jacket is the perfect topper for running errands – and it even gets the daughter’s seal of approval.  (OK, “approval” is a bit strong – but she does not cringe in embarrassment when I wear it!)

Now that I look  at this picture, I think the jacket needs a bit more embellishment.  It is still too much stark white – maybe on the packet flaps and extending from the lace on the sleeve.

Beaded Button

Beaded Button Detail

The button on the jacket is a fabric covered button encrusted with beads to balance the heavy beading on the cabochon on the back.

Jacket Back

Jacket Back

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3 Responses to Stash Couture Jacket

  1. madwhimsy says:

    I absolutely love your goddess-face cabochons. She looks happy and serene and your beading around them is exquisite.

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