More Football = More Knitting

Silk Sage Sweater: Completed in a Football Weekend!

Silk Sage Sweater: Completed in a Football Weekend!

Four Football Playoff Games + Pre-Game Shows + Post-Game Shows = One Silk Sage Sweater.

silk sage pattern 2

Coats and Clarks Quick Petal Cardigan circa 1968

Yarn from the Stash and a knitting pattern from 1968!

The Stash contained two cones of sage green Soie Bambou, a silk bamboo double knitting weight.  The cones were from different dye lots.

Doubling the yarn not only eliminated the unmatched dye-lot concern, but also produced a light-as-a-feather bulky weight knitting yarn

Lace Detail

Lace Detail

Older lace patterns are not charted, they are written in this manner:

Sl 1, k 4, *O, sl 1, k 1, p.s.s.o., k 3, k 2 tog, O, k 1.  Repeat from * to last 4 sts, k 4.

Older patterns also have stains on them.

When the stain looks like an *, and one is attempting to repeat from the stain, the lace pattern will not work.

When that occurs in the first lace pattern row, one does a great deal of unraveling.

After three days and eight unsuccessful and very frustrating attempts to knit according to the stain, I enlarged the directions! It was immediately apparent that the supposed * was a stain and not an *.

Once that issue was resolved, the pattern worked beautifully!

Top-Down Lace Yoke Sweater

Top-Down Lace Yoke Sweater

With that errant * problem solved, the top-down knit sweater was completed during one weekend of football!

I have the pattern in my Stash, but I am told the pattern is available free by contacting:

Consumer Information
Coats & Clark
3430 Toringdon Way, Suite 301
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

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3 Responses to More Football = More Knitting

  1. Linda Cannon says:

    How many stitches did you cast on? There is the smaller size and the larger size but not an adult size. Or is there somewhere else you went for info to do the adult size?. How much yarn did you use. I remember this pattern and the fact that we made it for an adult, but nothing else. Did you make it with a high neck or add the neck later? Please, please share

    • I followed the pattern for the smallest adult size and used size 10 needles. I was told there is an exact same stitch count but smaller needle size version of this pattern written for children. I used the adult pattern.

      The yarn I used (Elann Soie Bambou) comes in 680 yard cones. I knit from two cones simultaneously. I think I must have used about 3/4 of each cone, so perhaps just over 500 yards from each cone.

      I added the neckband after starting the sweater. I cast on provisionally and knit the pattern until the lace pattern was complete. I then picked up the provisional cast on stitches and knit the neckband by reducing the stitch count in the first row by decreasing 10 stitches…and it was WAYYYYY too tight.

      So then I unraveled the neckband and reknit it, but this time no decreases. Much better fit with no decreases.

      By knitting the neckband after the lace pattern I was able to try to sweater on to determine if the yoke was long enough before dividing for the body and the sleeves.

      I hope this helps.

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