From Lozenges to Lovely! The Purple Dress

A beautiful purple dress presented itself while cruising the aisles at a National Off-Price Store.

Embellishment Detail

Embellishment Detail

It was knit (so very comfortable) with a pleated front that had empire waist shaping defined by a small rectangle.

Comfort and shaping – a rather unique combination!

With a price of less than $14 – it was purchased.

The empire waist rectangle was embellished with 4 (ugly) large black, plastic ovals.  I guess they might  be referred to as “lozenge” shaped.

The lozenges were sewn on – which, of course, to we-who-sew means they are not permanent.

The black plastic lozenges.

The black plastic lozenges.

Oddly, when I showed the dress to my teenage daughter – she thought the lozenges were the “best part” of the dress?

Apparently, the lozenges were sewn on by Sew-zilla.  They were sewn on to stay! Removing them left very obvious stitch marks.

But as the design plan was to embellish the rectangle, the stitch marks could easily be “disappeared.”

Embellished Empire Waist Detail

Embellished Empire Waist Detail

A goddess face, some embroidery, lace, and beads (all from The Stash!) and the dress transformed from Lozenges to Lovely!

Wish all dresses were this comfortable!

Comfort, shaping and embellishment!  Stash Couture!

Comfort, shaping and embellishment! Stash Couture!

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