Season Spanning Stash Couture

Needed something to wear for the Manhattan trip scheduled for next week!

In Manhattan, autumn has arrived.  In Arizona, at 100+ degrees, it is still summer!

Vogue pattern and silk dupioni

Vogue pattern and silk dupioni

What to wear in both places?  Season Spanning Stash Couture!

The Pattern Stash included Vogue 8791.  View A is a sleeveless tunic.  Sleeveless is a necessity in the Arizona heat – and can be covered with a jacket in NYC.

The Fabric Stash included some beautiful rust linen – which was too Arizona.  But it also contained a similar color of silk dupioni!  Love it!

Silk Tunic

Silk Tunic

A quick visit to to check how the pattern fit others determined that a muslin would be required.  A muslin, a few adjustments, and the 100% Destashification Tunic was completed (even thread came from the stash).

Silk Tunic - Arizona Style

Silk Tunic – Arizona Style

When in Arizona, the tunic works with white linen shorts.

Silk Tunic - NYC version

Silk Tunic – NYC version

In the Northeast, it can be combined with leggings, a jacket and a scarf to ward off the chill.  There may have to be a shoe or boot purchase, though.  Arizona sandals will not suffice as footwear in cooler climes.

New Look and home dec fabric

New Look and home dec fabric

A NYC dinner will require a skirt outfit.  A remnant of upholstery fabric (yep, upholstery fabric) seemed perfect for a skirt.  The Pattern Stash offered New Look 6843.

Skirt muslins do not happen.

To get a custom fit, I cut the fabric to the largest size in the pattern.   Then stitched the darts and sewed an invisible zipper  in the back seam.  The side seams were machine basted.

Straight Skirt - Custom Fit

Straight Skirt – Custom Fit.  Love the Fabric!

I put the skirt on INSIDE-OUT and pinned down the side seams to fit.  (It looked like I was wearing elephant ears!)  After machine basting along the pinned seam  – I put it on INSIDE-OUT again.  A few final minor adjustments and then the side seam were stitched for a simple Perfect Fit!

Skirt for NYC dinner

Skirt for NYC dinner

Traveling light means the same jacket and leggings will be worn with the skirt in Manhattan.  A grey top will complete the outfit (I wonder if there is any grey in The Stash!).

Arizona skirt outfit

Arizona skirt outfit

The skirt can be combined with a “be-dazzled” top for an Arizona dinner date.

Season Spanning Stash Couture!


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5 Responses to Season Spanning Stash Couture

  1. Laura (bridesmom) says:

    Love it! Great choices and amazing figuring out how to wear same things in two totally different climates! Well done!

  2. Very impressive. I love the skirt fabric – no-one would guess it isn’t dress fabric!
    I really must take your lead and plan more when I sew for myself. My random method doesn’t give results as good as this.

  3. CherryPix says:

    Great makes! I especially like your skirt fabric!

  4. Ann says:

    Great outfits, and I like your adjustments for the weather. Enjoy your trip!

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