I Saved $210! The Destashification Overnighter

Smithsonian Overnight Bag $225

Smithsonian Overnight Bag $225

I love these overnight bags.  They are $225 at the Smithsonian Store.

Smithsonian Boho Overnight Bag - also $225

Smithsonian Boho Overnight Bag – also $225

I think if I added up the cost of all the items I might put in an overnight bag, the total would still fall far short of $225!

Destashification Overnighter - $15

Destashification Overnighter – $15

But, with the overflowing Stash, I decided to make an overnight bag (for considerably less capitol investment!)

The Smithsonian bags are sewn from tapestry and faux fur.  It is not that The Stash doesn’t contain those fabrics – it does – but I wanted a more colorful fabric.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric

The Stash contained a beautiful large butterfly print – it is silk and only 30″ wide!  Silk with a white background is not a great choice for luggage – so some red ultra-suede-esque fabric was used for the base.

The Stash includes some very long upholstery zippers (still bearing the 50 cent clearance price tag) and some green twill tape, but I purchased some heavier blue nylon strapping to layer with the green for the handles.

The bag dimensions are larger than the Smithsonian’s.  I cut the bag to be maximum size allowed for carry-on luggage.

Destashification Overnighter - $15

Destashification Overnighter – $15

The finished bag is so colorful – and lightweight!

As with most things sewing, the initial attempt required revision.  I did not think I had any batting, so I tried Trimtex.

On a smaller bag, the Trimtex might work, but at this size, the stiffness of the Trimtex prevented the bag from fitting in the sewing machine!

Batting was found (in the den – right where I “stored” it) and the bag remade.  The Trimtex was re-used to stiffen the base.

The Smithsonian bags have a waterproof lining.  The Destashification version is also fully lined – with Stash fabrics.

The Destashification Overnighter also has two large outside pockets.  One is a double pocket with a zipper on the outside.

The Smithsonian bags have a double-ended but short zipper – the bags just unzip at the top.  The Destashification Bag has a 50+ inch zipper that extends from the base to base!  This allows the bag to open much like a suitcase!

Double Outside Pockets

Double Outside Pockets

Colorful!  Easy access to all things packed!  Carry-on size!  Wear resistant base!  And all for less than $15!

Now if I can just find something to spend that $210 on!!!!!

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11 Responses to I Saved $210! The Destashification Overnighter

  1. Janine says:

    I simply LOVE this bag! You’ve made me rethink my current (ageing) carryon. I’m really pleased to have found your blog 🙂

    • What a nice comment! Thank you. If I can figure out how to do it, I will try to upload the pattern I developed for this bag. All but the front and back are rectangles, so it shouldn’t be too difficult….(famous last words!)

  2. A very impressive bag. I love it!
    I have never tried to make a bag – you may have just inspired me to try.

  3. Annie Stevenson says:

    I would be delighted to receive the pattern for your bag. Your thinking-ahead with the long zippers, using SILK, all the gorgeous colors, how you did the straps…sigh…a work of art!

    • Thanks for the encouragement.

      I am traveling for a week – when I return my first goal is to create a tutorial for the bag – to include the pattern (I hope)!

      • stanne61@fone.net says:

        You are most kind. As well as wildly creative. Enjoy your trip! Will you be taking your bag? I’m sure it’s not easy to do a pattern for other people. But I’ll sure look forward to it. Thank you so much! Annie
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  4. Ann says:

    Gorgeous bag! I love your fabric choices, and great use of stash fabrics!

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  6. Maria Briseno says:

    I am a beginner to embroidery machine sewing and thought I could do something like this BEAUTIFUL BAG and embroider my nieces name on it. Can Hardly wait to see your tutorial.

  7. Mary says:

    That bag is just the thing. Approximately what dimensions does it have? How many notions did you need, and what were they?
    Maybe email me…
    if you don’t mind.
    or post..
    Have a nice weekend

    • Thanks.

      I put together a tutorial for a very similar bag starting here:

      It meets airline carry on size restrictions and the base has extra reinforcement. I have made more than a few (too much fabric!!!) and use them for everything from weekend bags to cupcake carriers!

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