Manhattan Bound Ingenue Cardigan

Football season has started – time for knitting projects.

Wendy Bernard Ingenue

Wendy Bernard Ingenue

I have always wanted to knit the Wendy Bernard Ingenue sweater (LOVE top down knitting!), but wanted a cardigan rather than a pullover.  The upcoming trip to Manhattan  seemed to be a good reason to try it.

Collinettte Skye in Cream Tea

Collinette Skye in Cream Tea

The Yarn Stash contained a hand painted worsted/aran weight wool by Collinette called Skye.  The colorway is called Cream Tea.  It varies between cream and a light mushroom brown with short (3 inches or less) lengths of pink, yellow and greens.

After visiting the Ravelry reviews for this sweater, I started with a provisional cast-on at the neckline. Used needles one size larger than that specified by the pattern (did not want an overly dense sweater) and knit the smallest size sweater to accommodate the gauge difference.

The collar was knit last – using two different needle sizes to prevent forming gathers.

Trying on Dark Buttons

Trying on Dark Buttons

..and Light Buttons

..and Light Buttons

When completed, the Button Stash was visited and light and dark buttons compared.

The dark color worked much better – but The Button Stash did not have more than two of any that worked.

So, buttons had to be purchased.  Really?  $2.25 each?  For a disk of plastic smaller than a quarter?  Really?

Completed Ingenue Cardigan

Completed Ingenue Cardigan

The yarn softened quite a bit during blocking.  I love the end result!


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  1. I hadn’t heard of Wendy Bernard but that sweater is lovely. And your cardigan is fabulous. I understand your pain about the buttons – despite having 3 button tins I have had to do the same recently and was horrified at how much I had to pay for the buttons I wanted! (We still get a good deal against those who have to buy their clothes – and ours fit!)

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