Stripes Quilted with Bubbles

The “I Can’t Sew a Straight Line Quilt” enjoyed its stay at the Long Armed Quilter.

Stripes and Bubbles

Stripes and Bubbles

With less than 24 hours to wheels up for a trip to  visit the daughter whose claim of not being able to sew a straight line anymore prompted the quilt and its name, my wonderful and very artistic Long Armed Quilter called to say it was ready!

I quickly cut some binding and machine stitched it to the quilt front, packed a good needle and some thread and loaded it into the Destashification Overnight Bag. Turning the binding and handstitching backing the was completed after arrival.

Bubbles Front and Back

Bubbles Front and Back

To counter the sharpness of the stripes, a Bubble Pattern was chosen for the quilting.  I love the swirls (as evidenced by the swirls in the website header!)

The backing was an ivory Stash Fabric.  The bubbles just seem to dance across it.

The binding was also a Stash Find – it actually contained every color from the quilt stripes!  I was considering using the blue or the coral for the binding as there was plenty left, but a fabric with all the colors – I had to use it!

At the Ready on the Foot of the Bed

At the Ready on the Foot of the Bed

The quilt is not bed-sized.  It is keep-it-folded-at-the-foot-of-your-bed-sized.  Perfect for those cooler fall nights!

The gold/tan stripes coordinate with her comforter and the colors really brighten the room!

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2 Responses to Stripes Quilted with Bubbles

  1. Delightful! I would love one of these myself. Well done.

  2. Kathy says:

    the floral binding is perfect. very nice

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