The Destashification Christmas Day One

Christmas was always handmade – until we relocated 2,000 miles away!  This year, we are traveling back to snow country so the handmade Destashification Christmas will be packed in our luggage for the trip!

Schoolhouse Quilted Pillow

Schoolhouse Quilted Pillow

On the First Day of The Destashification Christmas:  One Quilted Schoolhouse Pillow.

This is to replace a quilted schoolhouse pillow made at least two decades ago that is showing signs of wear.

The paper-pieced pattern is free at Quilter’s Newsletter.

The Stash provided fabrics.  The back of the pillow is the same green used for the building sections of the block.  The Iron-on fleece from the Stash required piecing as no single piece was large enough.

Schoolhouse Block Detail

Schoolhouse Block Detail

The Stash was depleted, however, of piping and zippers of a color that was “close enough” and a workable length, so a fabric store visit was required to complete the pillow.

The detail shows the fabrics used.  Love the yellow border, but the green shows too dark.  It is a dark olive green, but not as dark as in the photo.

I am going to attempt to take a photo of it next to the original.  Should be an interesting comparison.

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