The Destashification Christmas: Day Four

On the fourth day of The Destashification Christmas, my needles gave to me:

Owl Placemats

Owl Placemats

Four Owl Placemats.

The wings form pockets for silverware and napkins!

Owl Placemats

Owl Placemats

Just too adorable – especially when one has a relative that collects owls!

This was a mother-daughter project.  My daughter selected and coordinated the fabrics  – from The Stash.  After applying the “Wonder Under,” she drew the eyes and beaks and cut them out.

The Stash provided the iron-on interfacing and almost enough Wonder Under (one set of eyes short).

Who's Place by Susie C Shore

Who’s Place by Susie C Shore

The pattern is Who’s Place by Susie C Shore Designs.

Great fun!

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