Animal Hats

Penguin Hat

Penguin Hat

When the cold wind blows – its time to wear a hat…but not a boring hat!

The Stash contains small pieces of fleece left over from other projects.

After a web search for ideas, these animal hats were sewn.

Many years ago I made dinosaur hats, jester hats and headbands from fleece – and the pattern was still in the Pattern Stash!

Owl Hat

Owl Hat

The eyes on the Owl Hat were from a pattern used to make Owl Placemats:  Who’s Place by Susie C Shore Designs.

The ears and beaks were simple 90 degree triangles.

There is also a Squid Hat – complete with tentacles for ties, but it was claimed before a photo could be taken.

A note on sewing fleece: My sewing machine had difficulty sewing the fleece as it tends to dull needles very quickly.  Luckily, there is also a Needle Stash.  It took 6 needles to sew the three hats!

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1 Response to Animal Hats

  1. Rose says:

    So cute! I’m now dying to see that squid hat… Brilliant idea!

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