Stash Couture Logo Top from T-shirt

Back of Stash Couture Logo Shirt

Back of Stash Couture Logo Shirt

Every parent has at least one – the shapeless logo t-shirt.

We all enjoy supporting the endeavors of our children, but  wearing the bag-like logo T-shirt may fall short of reflecting our “Cool Mom Style.”

To address this fashion shortfall, I started to view the T-shirts as approximately 2 yards of knit fabric with a pre-printed logo.  The fabric can be sewn into Stash Couture Logo Tops – and my children are somewhat less embarrassed by my attire!

This asymmetrical top is a heavily modified version  of Butterick 5891.

Butterick 5819

Butterick 5891

The logo and collar were cut from the same navy logo T-shirt.  In keeping with the T-shirt remake theme, the stripe was cut from two men’s XL V-neck T-shirts.  The front facings were cut from a grey T-shirt.

Stash Couture Logo Shirt

Stash Couture Logo Shirt

The pattern is cropped, so 2″ was added to the length.  The peplum was eliminated – as all horizontal lines located between hips and waist should be.

As the content of the  T-shirts varied, they were machine washed and dried prior to cutting.

Cutting out the pattern pieces was a bit of a challenge – especially as a diagonal slant to the stripe was desired.  It took a few coffee breaks to finally decide pattern layouts.

A great deal of tricot interfacing was necessary.  The neck, front edge,  facings, and collars required interfacing to prevent stretching and provide some structure.

Collar Detail

Collar Detail

The fronts edges and collars were also modified. The inner collar was lined and its raw edge covered with Stash grey bias binding – from a package marked 10 cents!!

Red bias binding was used to finish the upper edge of the outer collar and the armholes.  The Stash only had 4 matching red buttons, but securing the front edge with hand stitching eliminates any gaps.

Hem Detail

Hem Detail

The hem facings included in the pattern extended the length beyond that of the T-shirts.  They were replaced with a simple 3/4″ hem.  Narrow strips of fusible web preventing stretching of the hem while it was  double top-stitched.

Definitely Stash Couture and “Cool Mom Style!”

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4 Responses to Stash Couture Logo Top from T-shirt

  1. That looks great. And I particularly like the red buttons to pick up the logo colour! Well done.

  2. Wendy says:

    Your new shirt is just great. I love the matched vee stripes in the front, and I’m so happy to see that someone else considers horizontal lines below the waist a mistake on almost every body. Really cool work–can’t wait to see what you do next.

  3. foamofdays says:

    Very interesting top! I love how you matched the stripes, the fabric looks very nice.. And I like red contrasting buttons. Great job!

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