Vogue 8817 Logo Top

Logo T-shirts

Logo T-shirts – a closet full!!!

Logo T-shirts are rarely (OK, never)  included on the “must have” fashion list.  Yet, we know supporting our children’s endeavors is important, so Logo T-shirts full our closets!

I have been revising Logo T-shirts into more flattering options for more years than I care to admit.  This post, this post and this post identify three such remakes.  This year, I decided to try some longer tops to wear over leggings.

Perfect for logos and leggings!

Many thanks to Katherine Tilton, as it almost seems she created Vogue 8817 just for this purpose. The only modification I made to the pattern was to shorten it 2″.

Vogue 8817 Logo Top - Front View

Vogue 8817 Logo Top – Front View

The smaller color block sections are perfectly sized for logos and sleeves cut from T-shirts, and the length and curved hem pair well with leggings.

Vogue 8817 Logo Top - Back View

Vogue 8817 Logo Top – Back View

The $7 clearance sale cropped logo t-shirt I had purchased did not include much usable fabric, but I was able to cut the upper back and front and upper sleeves.

The striped section on the front and lower sleeves was fussy-cut from a navy/cream/orange stripe.  No orange shows in the finished top.

Fabric Detail

Fabric Detail

The lower portion was made from a lacy knit stash fabric, which like many stash fabrics is of unknown fiber and origin.

The neckline trim was also fussy cut from the striped knit (no orange here either.)

Sewing the top required less than 5 hours – fussy cutting and all!











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4 Responses to Vogue 8817 Logo Top

  1. Hmm clever idea! I never thought of that.

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  3. Helen says:

    You are a GENIUS! Fabulous idea. 🙂

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