Another “Cool Mom” Team Logo T-shirt

Cool Mom Logo T-shirt

Cool Mom Logo T-shirt

Our children’s activities provide many pleasures – and innumerable logo T-shirts.

Shapeless Logo T-shirt

Logo t-shirts are rather shapeless and, well, none too flattering.

The original Logo T-shirt remake included an empire waist and a surplice top.

Tunic with Side Seam Inserts

Tunic with Side Seam Inserts

Tunics with side seam inserts like this striped one provided the inspiration for a more modern and very simple T-shirt remake.

Easy to sew – just cut t-shirt along side seams.  Sew in triangular fabric pieces.

To make the neck more comfortable, a 3″ slit was cut in the center front.

Cool Mom T-Shirt Remake

Cool Mom T-Shirt Remake

The result is a much more flattering logo tunic!

Just perfect for a Cool Mom!

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