Lace Knit Guest Bathroom Towel

Lace Guest Towel

Lace Guest Towel

Destashification New Year’s Resolutions include:

  1. Organizing the Yarn Stash
  2. Knitting from the Yarn Stash

Goal #1 has been accomplished.  During that somewhat archeological process, skeins and hanks of beautiful yarns were unearthed.

So onto Goal #2.

 Lavender Guest Towel being blocked

Lavender Guest Towel being blocked

A full skein of Grace – 100% cotton sport weight yarn in lavender – left over from baby sweater knitting – was found in one of the nooks or crannies….. and the color matches a relative’s bathroom decor perfectly.

Bathing Beauties Pattern by Evelyn Clark

The pattern used is Bathing Beauties by Evelyn A. Clark with just one or two minor modifications.

I love the small lace projects this pattern contains.  The edgings give the simple patterns an elegant finish.

The newly organized Yarn Stash also contains a few skeins of light weight linen yarn.

In keeping with Goal #2, there may be a few more guest towels knit this year!

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3 Responses to Lace Knit Guest Bathroom Towel

  1. Susan Casler says:

    Who could wipe their paws on something so beautiful? FJ would never be allowed to get his Mits anywhere near these.

  2. Maria Aguilar says:

    Beautiful work

  3. monkeyneedle says:

    That is just too pretty to use. I love the lacy look as well

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