Giraffe Overnight Bag

Giraffe Overnight Bag

Giraffe Overnight Bag

A friend shares my fascination with giraffes.  With their antennae, bony prominences and long limbs, they have an almost alien appearance.

As a result of the fascination, The Stash contains a variety of giraffe fabric.

A few of these were combined to create a Giraffe Overnight Bag as a thank-you gift.

The body of the bag was sewn from giraffe print decorator fabric.  The handles are red webbing also from The Stash.

Laurel Burch Giraffes

Laurel Burch Giraffes

The side pockets are wonderful rainbow giraffe print fabric by Laurel Burch. The red/yellow/orange section of the fabric was used.

While both side pockets look the same, one has a hidden zipper section.  The zipper is hidden under the yellow strip.

The hidden pocket is the perfect place to put the car key while traveling!

One desperate experience with lost car keys in a cavernous airport parking lot is more than sufficient impetus to always have a secure car key pocket!

Sprout Design Giraffes

Sprout Design Giraffes

Lighter colored fabrics are not the best idea for bag exteriors – they show dirt too easily.  However, they do make nice linings.

The orange giraffe fabric used for the lining is from Sprout Design.

Love the faces!



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3 Responses to Giraffe Overnight Bag

  1. Beverly says:

    Really cute bag! Love the fabrics you used. I like making bags too & may copy your pattern at some point.

  2. Pfgiraffe says:

    OMG!!!! How am I just now finding all this?!?! I am a turtle that lives in a shell!!!! From one giraffe lover to another!

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