Seven Feet of Angora Scarf

7 Feet of Angora Scarf

7 Feet of Angora Scarf

The Yarn Stash contains various beautiful (both in color and feel) yarns.  So when a niece asks for a long scarf, a beautiful Destashification yarn was easy to find.

In The Stash was 5 skeins of this angora yarn of long forgotten origin.  It is a sunshine yellow and indescribably soft.

Angora yarn does “shed” quite a bit, but the “bloom” creates a very warm scarf – which my niece in Northern Europe really needs right now!

Angora Yarn from The Stash

Angora Yarn from The Stash

The pattern is Garden City Scarf (Worsted Weight) by Shelly Greenfield (Ravelry Link).  The lace pattern is an easy to memorize 4 row repeat that is only on one side.

My niece requested “a long scarf that can be wrapped a few times,” so I just kept knitting through all those NFL playoof games (and the pre-game shows and the post-game shows.)  Seven feet of knitting later… the scarf was long enough to wrap 3 times!

Chaise Lounge as a Blocking Board

Chaise Lounge as a Blocking Board

Blocking all seven feet posed a challenge.

The only thing I had long enough to use as a blocking board was the pool chaise lounge  – even the swim towels were not long enough.  I had to use two – and about a zillion pins!

Blocking Lace Points

Blocking Lace Points

Each lace point had to be individually blocked, but the end result was well worth the effort.

The Arizona sun may make it too hot to ever wear such a scarf, but it is nice for blocking – the scarf was completely dried in a few hours!

The lace pattern and the triangular ends created a gentle curve to the scarf which allows it wrap nicely.

7 Feet of Angora Scarf

7 Feet of Angora Scarf

Now, I am on a new mission….

I need to determine how much scotch tape will be required to successfully remove the angora “halo” off my once brown, but now yellow (and furry) couch!



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  1. Lovely scarf. shame about your sofa!

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