Grandpa’s Ties Pillows

When Grandpa passed, his ties became a quilt for his daughter, but there were small scraps left over.

Grandpa's Ties Pillow - stripes

Grandpa’s Ties Pillow – stripes

When fabric has a sentimental value, a project can be found for even the smallest scraps.

The long narrow pieces of fabric from the “neck” portion of the ties were foundation pieced into this striped pillow.

Using a fabric with 1/2″ stripes make this foundation piecing simple and precise.

60 Degree Triangles

Grandpa’s Ties Pillow – 60 Degree Triangles

The second pillow used the few remaining “larger” pieces (2″ – 5″) to create 60 degree triangles.

Size of the scraps dictated that some of the triangles be pieced.  One triangle was foundation pieced of four smaller triangles (lower right – includes the small yellow triangle).

Although beautiful, silk tie fabric is very lightweight, so each of the fabric pieces for this pillow was fused to a lightweight interfacing prior to cutting.  Even with the interfacing though, the bias seaming resulted in considerable stretching.

It took quite a while to decide upon the fabric for the back and framing for these pillows.  They were for Grandpa’s son, who describes his decor as “black, brown and boring.”

Grandpa's Tie Pillow

Grandpa’s Tie Pillow

The Stash still has a few pieces of silk dupioni (and I just found more earlier this week – YAY!) and this gold/black silk worked well with the tie fabrics.

The pieced sections were backed and framed in silk dupioni from The Stash following the same process outlined in Tutorial for Flanged Pillow with Frustration-Free Zipper.


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  1. I really love this project. I have some scarves that belonged to my grandmother that would make classy pillows. Thanks for the interfacing tip.

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