SOS: Save Our Shorts!

We all have them.

Saved Comfort Shorts

Saved Comfort Shorts

That one pair of shorts (or pants) that fit “just right.”  The waistband is not too tight, nor is it too high or too low.

We wear them around the house, maybe to the mailbox, possibly to the grocery store – and might have even slept in them a time or two.

Pocket strain.

Pocket strain hole – Before.

They may have, at some point, been in style.  But as the years passed, comfort became more important than style!

And these “favorites” have developed a hole in the seat and another in the pocket and a few worn seams – but they are still SOOOO comfortable!

Hole in the Seat

Hole in the Seat

Pocket Detail

Pocket Detail

We who sew cannot immediately cast off such comfort. We have to keep them wearable until we find a replacement pair with at least a hint of the same comfort level.

My comfort shorts are a pair of 100% cotton khaki’s that have served me well for over 7 years.

Hole in the Seat - After

Hole in the Seat – After

Linen was selected as the patching of choice. Then a few ribbons and some lace from The Stash – and the shorts are good to go!

To strengthen the wear spots, they were first zig-zagged and then the embellishments sewn on by machine.

Because the fabric had worn so thin (and soft) linen patches were stitched both to the outside and the inside to reinforce the wear area and hole in the seat.

The hem stitching had worn completely through on one leg, so ribbon was used to cover the zig-zag repair.

Shorts renewed!

Shorts renewed!

The worn lower edges of the legs were reinforced with zig-zag stitches so the hanging threads could be trimmed.

Not necessarily “Art-to Wear,” these shorts are rejuvenated shorts are ready to provide at least one more summer of comfort!



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2 Responses to SOS: Save Our Shorts!

  1. Beulah says:

    Love what you have done with this pair of shorts.

  2. Fussel says:

    Love this repair, too!
    Waste avoided and favourite shorts saved, cool 🙂

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