From Beige to Better. Stash Couture Skirt.

beige fabric

Some very beige fabric.

This Stash Fabric does not seem to have much to offer.

It is, well, beige.

A whole lotta beige.

Beige + Print

Beige + Print = More Options

However – it does have promise…It is stretch linen.  Even when beige, stretch linen has promise.

Perhaps if a Stash Print were added to break up that sea of beige…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd possibly some Stash Lace….

Now the beige is no longer quite so blah!

McCalls 5429 (discontinued)

Pattern Stash provided McCalls 5429 (discontinued) and some Stash Mining produced piping and a few buttons.

Summer Skirt

Summer Skirt

Thanks to the lycra, the finished product is a VERY comfortable summer skirt.

Back Pocket and Lace Skirt Panel Detail

Back Pocket and Lace Skirt Panel Detail

Stretch Linen is a great fabric for the body of a garment, especially in the heat of the Arizona Desert.  But it does offer a two main challenges: a monolithic look and it does not crease or fold well.

Embellishments help overcome both of these challenges.

A lace overlay was added over the back right skirt panel.  The antique lace was in exceptional condition, except for one small stain.  The pocket covered the discoloration.  The placket and button added color.

Front Detail

Front Detail

Other embellishments, including the belt loops and change pocket were created from the cottons.  The quilting weight cotton folds and creases much easier and more precisely than the linen.

Left Front Detail

Left Front Detail

The placket and the waistband are faux openings. The fabric stretches sufficiently to just pull the skirt on!

To reduce bulk, only the visible portion of the pocket was sewn from the linen.  The linings are both cottons.  Light green mini-piping edges the pocket.

Skirt Back View

Skirt Back View

The cotton was also used to face the hemline.

All seams were topstitched.

The stretch makes the skirt so comfortable, but the embellishments make it “Stash Couture!”


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1 Response to From Beige to Better. Stash Couture Skirt.

  1. cat3crazy says:

    I love the details you added to the skirt!

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