Triple Destashification Surplice Top

Beaded Surplice Top

Triple Destashification Surplice Top

There is a Fabric Stash and a Yarn Stash and a Bead Stash.  A Button Stash, a Pattern Stash and even a Ribbon Stash. … (and a few more) but at this point that is all I am willing to admit to.

This top was knit with yarn from the Yarn Stash and embellished with beads from the Bead Stash and ribbon from the Ribbon Stash.

A Triple Destashification Project!

Surplice Bodice Camisole by Joan mcGown-Micheal

Surplice Bodice Camisole by Joan McGown-Micheal

The pattern is Surplice Bodice Camisole by Joan McGowan – Michael from her book “Knitting Lingerie Style.”

Note to self:  Always check errata BEFORE knitting.

Beaded Lace Detail

Beaded Lace Detail

A rarity for me, I followed the instructions for the three pieces of the bodice. (OK – one revision:  Rather than YO increases, pick-up-stitch-below increases were used.)

I did alter the pattern for the lower lace portion as I prefer to have the WS rows consist of just purl stitches – fewer errors that way.

Row 1:  K1,*yo, k1, P3tog, k1, yo, k1, repeat from *

Row 2:  P all stitches.

Lace and RIbbon

Lace and Ribbon

The yarn is Elann Connemara – a cotton worsted weight that was purchased 5 or so years ago for something I wanted to knit with beads, so some of the yarn had already been strung with beads.

Unbelievably, the Bead Stash had another container of the same beads, which provided enough beads to create a pattern throughout the lower lace.

Beaded Lace

Beaded Lace

Although difficult to see in the photos, the beads range from a rootbeer color to an amber to a transparent gold.  The finishes are both matte and glossy.

Two ribbons were strung through the empire waist.  They give the top its shaping.  The few remaining beads were strung on the ends of the narrower ribbon.

Triple Destashification Top

Triple Destashification Top

It might seem that knitting and summer weather are not a good match.  However, this cotton top works well in the heat.

It does, however, require a camisole, as the surplice is quite risque!

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1 Response to Triple Destashification Surplice Top

  1. joan71 says:

    Wow! Very nice and a winner for the destash effort! I am not a knitter, but I am really impressed with you talent.

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