Another Fair Isle Slouch – 3 color rows.

Fair Isle Slouch Hat with 3 Color Carries

Fair Isle Slouch Hat with 3 Color Carries

Destashification has its positives and negatives.

Knitting up the available yarn falls into both categories!

Slouch hat in greens and blues.

Slouch hat in greens and blues.

By the third Fair Isle Slouch hat (which were preceded by 2 striped hats and 2 cabled hats), yardage of contrasting colors had started to run a bit low.  To use what was available, some rows required 3 colors of yarn rather than the typical Fair Isle limit of 2.

The pattern is just a variation of the simpler Fair Isle Slouch Hat Pattern.  Rows 9 and 13 require 3 colors of yarn be carried.

As it is only a hat and only 2 rows, carrying 3 colors was not monumental, but there were several stops to untangle yarn required.  I would not recommend it to a beginner.



I also noted to myself that a larger project with 3 color carries would more than likely be relegated to the UFO bin (UnFinished Objects).

Although it is difficult to tell from the photos, the main color of the hat is a light sage green.  It looks very grey in the photos.

All these hats worked to greatly reduce my Yarn Stash!  True Destashification Projects!

The navy blue is actually double strands of fingering weight yarn.  Worked well!

The darker green is a cashmere blend left over from this scarf.

The middle line is a heathered blue.  I used all but 2 feet of the yarn knitting hats.  The mid green used in rows 9 – 13 is a beautiful soft yarn of unknown original.  No more than 14″ remains!

Destashification Satisfaction!

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