Instant Blouse – Just add fabric…

Instant Blouse

Instant Blouse – Stash Couture

Well, maybe not Instant.

No zippers.  No buttons.  Custom fit.

In about 90 minutes!

Blouses seem to be following the plesiosaur into extinction.

Good thing there is a Pattern Stash!

The pattern selected was Vogue 8392.

The wide neckline of the pattern allows it to slip over the head without zipper or buttons.

Vogue 8392

Vogue 8392

The front pleats give the blouse some style and improves the fit.

Unfortunately, the pattern is long discontinued.  A possible current option might be Simplicity 2892, although the neckline may have to be made slightly wider.

I only have the pattern pieces for the front and back.   Apparently, I did not save the Copa Cabana sleeves.  Luckily, an orphaned sleeve pattern found loose in The Stash measured just right for the sleeve openings.

Finding a suitable fabric in The Stash took longer than sewing the blouse.  A beautiful silk was too translucent.  Other pieces were too dark or too white or too heavy.

A textured polyester that I believe is actually a home dec fabric seemed the best option.

Speed Sewing:

  1. Cut out the three pattern pieces and a 2″ wide bias piece to finish the neckline.
  2. Sew pleats..
  3. Sew shoulder seams using french seams.
  4. Press bias in half.  Then open and sew one long edge of bias binding to neck edge, stretching bias slightly while sewing.
  5. Pleat and Neckline Bias Detail

    Pleat and Neckline Bias Detail

    Turn under 1/4″ on lower sleeve edge and stitch.  Press up 3/4″ (but do not stitch).

  6. Sew in sleeves.
  7. Sew center back (including bias) and side seams using long machine basting stitch.
  8. Try on inside out.  Pin waist shaping to fit along side and center back seams.
  9. Sew center back and side seams along pin marking using normal machine stitch length.
  10. Try on and repeat Steps 7 and 8 until Perfect Fit is attained.
  11. Trim excess from side and back seams.  Remove any remaining original stitching.  Press seams open.
  12. Turn under 1/4″ on blouse hem and machine stitch.  Press up 3/4″ hem and stitch again.
  13. Fold raw edge of neckline bias under and pin.
  14. Pin 3/4″ sleeve hem.
  15. Hand stitch bias to inside neck edge.  Hand stitch sleeve hems.


Stash Couture and Custom Fit Blouse in less than 90 minutes!

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2 Responses to Instant Blouse – Just add fabric…

  1. SewRuthie says:

    That’s a great blouse. I like the idea of blouses which are basically a woven tee, and need to find something suitable in my pattern stash and fit it. Does this just pull over the head or is there some sort of back neck closure?

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