Spring Door Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

March was a week a way – and the front door was still adorned with the Christmas Wreath!

It’s not that I don’t love the Christmas Wreath!  I do!

Baubles (and golf balls) have been added and removed over the past 8 years.

The bow this year was reused from the  Halloween Witch in a Cauldron.

Spring arrives here in March, so this year, I was determined to hang a more seasonally correct wreath by March!

I was thinking simple and understated.

Underwhelming Attempt #1

Underwhelming Attempt #1

Many coupons and 50% off sales later, wire wreath form and garlands of greenery were on the work counter.  The Dollar Store provided moss.

Glue gun at the ready….

……The result was truly underwhelming.

It was simple – and understated.  Too simple.  Too understated.  And too undersized.

So, more coupons, more 50% off sales….

Greenery and desert blooms detail.

Greenery and desert blooms detail.

Back to the work surface with wire cutters and glue gun at the ready.

Two greenery bushes (one light, one dark) were cut apart and added to create a larger wreath base.


Colorful Blooms

Local desert blooms (artificial) were selected to add color.

The orange and pink blooms reflect plants that are currently in bloom in our yard.

These are blooming in the yard right now!

These are blooming in the yard right now!

Coordinating rose colored stems were added rather than a bow.

Store creates a structure for the blooms and stems.

Moss from The Dollar Store wrapped with wire and a greenery garland creates the structure for anchoring blooms and stems.

A large lemon yellow flower anchors the other blooms.

The variations in the greenery really work well together.

Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath

Although no longer simple – the Spring Wreath is correctly sized, still somewhat understated and seasonally correct!

Wonder what goodies I might find to add next year?

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