Lighten Up Pillow Transformation 1

Lighten Up Project  - Pillow Transformation

Lighten Up Project – Pillow Transformation

Nothing adds light and reflective textures to a cave better than silk damask!

The first layer of pillows has been completed.  In the cave these 26″ square pillows were covered in a black/brown paisley.

The Lighten Up Project has transformed them with a Stash silk damask in a gold and blue.

This fabric is just sumptuous!  The colors seem to be highlighted against the brown cave wall!

The gold backgound has a satin weave sheen to it.  The blue is woven in a more matte finish.

Fabric Detail

Fabric Detail

I have no idea where or when I originally found this 2.5 yard remnant, but it is the showcase fabric for this transformation!

Sewing the pillows followed basically the same process as that outlined in the Flanged Pillow Tutorial.  Linings, cut from scrap quilting cottons, were added as the fabric is fairly lightweight.

Photos alter the blue color slightly.  The best description I can come up with is a blue-green sage.

Silk Damask:  sheen and matte textures.

Silk Damask: sheen and matte textures.


It is obvious from the upper photo that a new wedding photo collage is a necessary element to this room redo!

But first – more pillows!   The next layer will be sewn from another Stash damask in similar colors.


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