Bedskirt with Wrap Around Pleats

Tailored Bedskirt - Lightened Up

Tailored Bedskirt – Lightened Up

The first Lighten Up Project was a Bedskirt.

Two requirements – it needed to fall to within 1″ of the floor and hang close to the bedposts the corners (space under the bed is storage – but no need to announce it by making it visible!)

This post is a Summary Tutorial (assumes sewing skills) for making a Bedskirt that meets those requirements.  The wrap-around pleats prevent the gap at the foot end of the bed.

1.  Wind two bobbins. Yes. Two.

2.  Cut Top: 

Measure:  Remove mattress and lay a sheet over the box springs placing sheet hem along top (head of bed) edge.  This hem forms the top edge of the Bedskirt so don’t trim it.

Cut:  Using the box springs as a pattern, cut the sheet. Follow curve at corners at the foot of the bed.  Keep corners straight at head of bed.

3.  Cut Bedskirt Pieces: 

Measure: Measure distance from top of box springs to floor.  Add 3″.  That measurement is length.  Measure width of box spring’s side and add 12″ (side width).   Measure along foot of box springs and add 6″ (foot width).

Cut:  Cut three pieces of fabric:

  • Two side pieces that are length * side width
  • One foot piece that is length * foot width.

For a 60″ * 80″ Queen bed with a 18″drop, this would then be

  • Two side pieces that are 21″ * 92″
  • One foot piece that is 21″ * 66″.

4.  Hem Bedskirt Pieces:  Finish bottom and side edges of all three pieces using serger or other method.  Turn up 2.5″ along lower edges and Press.  Hem using a blind hem stitch or stitch of choice.

5.  Finish Side Edges of Bedskirt Pieces:  Fold in 2″ along each short edge of all three pieces and Press.  (Do not sew.)

FIrst Fold for pleats.

First Fold – 6″ – 8″ of fabric.

6.  Sew Side Pieces to Sheet:  Pin side pieces to sheet right sides together starting at sheet top edge.  Using 1/2″ seam allowance, sew side pieces to sheet stopping and backstitching at start of small curve at the foot of bed.  There should be approximately 6″ – 8″ of bedskirt left unsewn.

Fold under to form second pleat.

Fold under to form second fold.

7. Create Pleats: 

Fold 1:  Take to ironing board and lay wrong side up.  Fold remaining bedskirt at end of stitching – wrong sides together.  Press to form first fold.

Fold 2:  Fold edge of bedskirt under until it meets Fold 1 and press to form second fold.

Align folds 1" apart to form pleats and press.

Align second fold 1″ from edge to form first pleat and press.

Allow to cool and press again to set fold.

Pleat 1: When cool open second fold and align it approximately 1″ from side edge to form first pleat. Press.

Allow to cool and press again.

Pleat 2:  When cool, align first fold approximately 1″ from second fold to form second pleat. Press.

Pin Pleated section to curved edge of sheet and stitch.

Pin Pleated section to curved edge of sheet and stitch.

Allow to cool and press again to set Pleats.

Finish sewing side to sheet:  Pin pleated section around curve of sheet and stitch.

Repeat for other side section.

8.  Attach Bedskirt Foot Piece.

Bedskirt Foot section pinned and overlapping Side by 1"

Bedskirt Foot piece pinned and overlapping Side  piece by 1″

Pin top edge of bedskirt foot piece to sheet matching centers.  It should overlap 1″ or so of bedskirt side piece.

Stitch using 1/2″ seam.

9.  Finishing:

Reinforce seam by stitching again 1/8″ from first seam, serging or zigzagging. (Thus the need for the second bobbin!)

Hand tack side hems.

Wrap-around Pleats

Wrap-around Pleats

9.  Place over box springs…and enjoy!


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