More Huck Towels

Huck Sampler TowelHuck Embroidery is fun to do and creates beautiful towels for gifting.

Different colors of embroidery threads are fed under “floats” in the toweling in geometric patterns.

Red, yellow, orange and purple were used to stitch this sampler towel for a wonderful friend.

huck 4Detail photos show how the individual threads create an optical illusion of flowing colors.

huck w

Mid-century Modern for a Bride

Colors for the towels can be selected to coordinate with the recipients kitchen decor or simply because they are pleasing to the eye!

These were stitched for a new bride as a housewarming gift.  The colors were selected to match her wedding china.  Her decor is mid-century modern… so the Huck Pattern stitch was selected from that era!

The cotton toweling is very absorbent – and all these towels are gifted with the understanding that THEY WILL BE USED!

huck 2 (2)

Pine Trees

There are always beautiful Huck Towels on Ebay that were saved for that special occasion – only to be never used.

So these are designed to be both beautiful and useful!

Pine Trees are a common Huck Towel motif.  They were often stitched in Christmas green (and rarely used) for the Holidays. These were stitched with greens ranging from light olive to teal to dark forest.  Love the color flow of these colors.

huck 2 (3)

Blues and Browns

A variety of blues and browns from the Embroidery Thread Stash highlight the diamonds in this pattern.

Enough of the darker colors, though. I think the next set will be stitched with lighter colors.  Maybe yellows!







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7 Responses to More Huck Towels

  1. Paula Zemke says:

    How do you order the towels?

    Sent from my iPadpaula Zemke


  2. Mary says:


  3. What a lovely gift. I can understand why it might be difficult to use them they will look gorgeous in use in a kitchen.

  4. Maria Aguilar says:

    You have a knack to be able to choose great color schemes. It truly amazes me how much a color choice can make a pattern “POP”. They are truly beautiful works of art.

  5. Ellen Emanuel says:

    I am from Germany, and my english ist not very good. I will say, that this Gifts are very,very nice.
    Your Material Looks better than in Germany. Where I can get it?

    • I have used some older toweling purchased at thrift stores and antique shops, but I have also used fabric purchased at large fabric shops and online.

      I could say that I prefer the older fabric as the newer fabric tends to have a looser weave and numerous flaws, but I have found that
      after a wash or two the fabric “tightens” and the flaws disappear.

      So go ahead and use whatever fabric you have available. The embroidery is all anyone will see!

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