Katniss Wrap

“Wait!  You can make that?  I want one!”katnis wrap 1 (2)

Words any sewer or knitter wants to hear from her adult children.

She attends college in the cold northwest, so scarves and hats have already been knit and (hopefully) worn.

This is a design taken from the Hunger Games trilogy based on the knitting pattern by Camilia Matrache called Easy Knit Katniss Wrap (Ravelry link).

people-katniss2_zpsf54a57e7The movie original is a bit more rustic.

As it is knit on large needles with Woolease Thick and Quick Yarn, the original thought was that it would be done and under the tree on Christmas morning.

Two unsuccessful starts later…. the box under the tree contained the collar and rewound yarn so that it would be “knit to fit.”

katnis wrap 3 (2)Not sure why, but the first two attempts were humongous.  My daughter is 6 feet tall, but so was the original drape section.  The collar portion extended to her waist.

Simplified by knitting to fit, it only took one day of football game watching to complete.

katniss wrap 2Rather than knit in two sections and sewing together. The collar section was completed and then the drape section knit into its lower edge both front and back.  Doing so maintains the stretch of the wrap.

The failed attempts illustrated that the ribbed sections could easily be stretched too far.  To ensure elasticity, the first two rows of the underarm ribbing and the last two rows (just prior to binding off) were knit on one size smaller needles.

katniss at the border (2)And joy of joys!   She has asked for another one!!




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3 Responses to Katniss Wrap

  1. Susan Casler says:

    Love it!!

  2. Lovely. I will be sending the pattern link to my daughter.

  3. Marny CA says:

    Ahhh, thought you were giving your pattern. You’ve taken me back to Ravelry! LOL I live there, or so it seems.

    I wonder if my friend’s daughter would like this.

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